5 DigitalOcean Alternatives That Rocks (2019)

A cloud computing platform as good as the DigitalOcean can create a huge difference in one’s online business by offering an unimaginable amount of freedom of managing cloud infrastructure with multiple virtual machines, easy deployment of applications, highly scalable cloud resources and more.

However, some people might just find DigitalOcean a bit expensive as well as complex. If you are one among such people, you don’t need to worry at all as there are several good DigitalOcean alternatives available and lately, we tested a few of them. In this post, we’ll share 5 excellent DigitalOcean alternatives in 2019.

Here are the list of Best DigitalOcean Alternatives.


Linode started in the year 2003 and it has done an exceptionally good job so far in the field of cloud hosting. Its features are even powerful than that of DigitalOcean in many ways and this is why Linode is preferred by users from all over the world.

Despite that fact that its plans cost almost the same as that of DigitalOcean, it has a few advantageous in terms of features and functionalities which pretty much make it a good alternative to DigitalOcean.


  • Deploying a server is exceptionally fast and it only takes a few seconds to deploy a Linux virtual server from the Linode Cloud. This is what is making it an extremely popular cloud computing platform.

  • The Linode Manager is pretty easy to control. The interface is so simple that it only takes a few clicks to deploy, boot, resize and clone the cloud resources and it doesn't really take long for a user to get used to it.

  • It offers extremely powerful hardware such as high-quality SSDs for optimal performance, 40 Gbit network with multiple levels of redundancy and Intel E5 processors, the fastest processors.

  • It offers easy scalability to its users and a user can conveniently scale up one's cloud resources as one's business grows bigger with an increasing rise in traffic. That way, users don't have to pay any extra charge and they only pay for what they actually use.

  • Cloning is a brilliant feature that Linode offers. A user can either clone an entire configuration or only the disk images that you select to another Linode. This feature combined with the IP failure feature can help you in building your own high availability cluster.

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Vultr was launched back in 2014 with the sole objective to take managed to host to a completely new level of advancement as well as making complex cloud hosting environment unimaginably simple for the users.

By now, Vultr has over 1,00,000 customers from over 150 countries and it has 15 data centers strategically placed in various parts of the world. Vultr offers many advanced functionalities and is undoubted, one of the best alternatives to DigitalOcean.


  • The lowest plan starts at a monthly price of $ 2.50 in Vultr while in DigitalOcean, the lowest plan starts at $ 5/month.

  • Activating the cloud in Vultr is only a matter of a click and a few seconds of waiting. It’s both easy and fast.

  • It offers advanced networking connectivity wherein a user can actually set up a separate regional private network. Also, a user can add multiple IPv4 addresses per VPS and more.

  • Deployments can be fully automated on the first-boot using the snapshot features wherein a user can actually use the snapshots and scripts from the custom API.

  • The control panel has a bag full of features that provide the users with a full control over the cloud resources as well as configuration.

3.Google Cloud

Google Cloud started back in 2011 and it has certainly taken cloud computing to a new level of elevation. Google Cloud offers solutions for every category of business and offers the right mix of the newest technologies such as machines learning, AI and more.

As a matter of fact, the Google Cloud is ranked among the top cloud platforms and believed to be the safest cloud computing platform because of its incredibly powerful framework. Most importantly, Google's infrastructure is believed to be highly secure and it's certainly a better DigitalOcean alternatives.

WP Engine and Kinsta, one of our recent entry is completely powered by Google Cloud


  • The Google Cloud provides the users with an amazing flexibility to scale as per the growing need of one's business and there's absolutely no longer any need to pay any overhead charge for managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks. A user can only pay for what one actually uses and nothing more than that.

  • The Google Cloud offers Big Data solutions and Machine learning services can help your business with better analyzing and processing of data to achieve better business decisions on the same platform.

  • Most importantly, it provides its users with elevated levels of security. Protecting data, detecting anomalous behaviors, and proactively preventing security incidents using machine learning certainly make the Google Cloud Platform the most reliable cloud platform among the users.

  • The Google Cloud Platform is pretty simple and easy to configure and use.

  • Furthermore, Google has been well known for its excellent customer service all across the world and the Google Cloud Platform has the friendliest customer support to help you 24X7 with your queries and issues.

4.Amazon Web services

The Amazon Web services were launched back in 2016 and ever since it started it has been steadily expanding. By now, it has its presence in 54 zones of 18 different regions of the world. It has had an outstanding contribution in the field of Cloud computing so far and it certainly is one of the most reliable Cloud computing platforms.

With over 90 services and extremely secure framework, the Amazon Web service is certainly the most powerful cloud platform and obviously an excellent alternative to DigitalOcean.


  • Getting started with Amazon Web services is unimaginably easy and all you have to do is sign up with AWS, go through the 10 minutes tutorial that would actually help you with a step by step guide to launching your project. Also, the tutorials are pretty easy to comprehend.

  • With Amazon Web services, you can rest assured of a highly emphasized cloud security which is achieved through efficient data centers and powerful network architecture. Eventually, it not only keep your data safe but also cuts costs to a large extent as the security aspects will be entirely taken care of by Amazon Web services.

  • AWS is capable of handling any workload and by now it has over a million active customers from 190 countries which pretty much prove its efficiency.

  • It offers high scalability and flexible pricing models. Users can scale up or scale down their cloud resources depending on their business performance and amount of traffic so that they only pay for what they actually use.

  • It offers an accentuated performance with an incredibly brilliant uptime and speed by its extremely powerful hardware. ‘Amazon Web services’ has to a large extent been able to prove its reliability over the years and this is why it has experienced a steady growth over the years.


Founded in the year 2011, the PaaS platform, Cloudways has performed brilliantly over the years by consistently offering an unimaginably easy way to manage high-performance applications. It has certainly brought about a huge transformation in the outlook towards cloud hosting by making cloud hosting increasingly advanced yet exceptionally easy to manage.

You can certainly have the best-managed cloud hosting experience for your business with Cloudways. Also, it offers a bag full of advanced features and it certainly is an excellent DigitalOcean alternative.


  • It offers an extremely fast speed with built-in advanced caches, HTTP/2 enabled servers and powerful SSD based hosting.

  • It offers high levels of cloud security with 24X7 managed security characterized by dedicated firewalls, automated backups, auto-healing servers, regular security patching, IP whitelisting, up to date applications and two-factor authentication.

  • With Cloudways, launching a server is unimaginably simple and easy. All you have to do is select a provider, pick the right application, select the basic specifications and you are all set to launch your server.

  • The Customer Support is pretty fast and active with 24×7 live chat, 24×7 ticketing, active community and an amazing knowledge base. You have absolutely no reason to ever get locked away with any technical difficulties with Cloudways as the Customer Support team is always by your side.

  • Most importantly, it offers a powerful way of collaborating with the team members and clients for a smooth workflow. It comprises Git integration, Staging Area & URLs, SSH and SFTP Access, application and server cloning, adding Team Members, Transferring servers, managing Projects and more.


Finding the right Cloud computing platform can be a bit difficult sometimes and it’s never wise to reach a decision hastily else things may just get pretty complex and of course, disappointing.

We have meticulously tested all the Cloud platforms that we covered in this post and we found all of them pretty powerful. In fact, they are all brilliant alternatives to DigitalOcean.

Of course, there’s no denying the fact that every cloud platform has its own specialty but choosing a cloud platform solely depends on the kind of features a user is most convenient with.