Hostingstep Benchmarks – Testing Parameters & Analysis

The Hostingstep performance benchmarks are reliable, data-driven, and transparent. Our 24×7 repeated tests with real-world data ensure you pick the best hosting solution for your online business.

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We always believe in Performance-based results. That means Live Raw Data. We consider the following metrics to evaluate a web hosting company

  • TTFB (Time to First Byte)
  • Global TTFB
  • Load Test
  • Uptime 
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Pricing, support, and features.

TTFB (Time to First Byte) often referred to as Response time. Lower the server response time; faster is your server. We use Pingdom, which monitors the site from 20+ USA locations every 60 seconds once and generates the average server response time value. We collect a month's data and update our post by next month.

Global TTFB. If you have traffic from more than one country, this test will be an eye-opener for you. This test will be made from 10 international locations, and the average global TTFB is listed.

Load Testing. Every webmaster aims to have maximum traffic to their sites. What happens when one of your posts goes viral, and your server fails to handle the load? This test does three different types of load testing and shows you which host is the best.

Uptime. No matter is using a fast host when your host is not reliable. We use two industry-leading tools to monitor the uptime with 1-minute and 5-minute interval checks, thus providing you the most accurate uptime data.

Core Web Vitals. Google set this Core Web Vitals as a new benchmark for web performance. We put the site for testing to measure the metrics like Largest Contentful Paint, TBT, and CLS.

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