Best Web Hosting Canada 2019

Best Web Hosting Canada

You have many choices to work with when finding a Best Web Hosting Canada 2019 to host websites for your Canadian visitors. You don’t have to struggle for long when you look at what is available for your use. This listing of six quality web hosting choices includes many ideas that are perfect for when you need assistance with getting your site running well.

Each option for your use comes with its own features. Each is made to run quickly and effortlessly. But you should also look at how these options are made to be quick and effortless in operation. You will have to be aware of what you can use based on your demands and interests for help.

Here is the list of Best Web Hosting Canada in 2019.

1.GreenGeeks – Best Web Hosting Canada 2019

GreenGeeks prides itself on being an environmentally friendly group for hosting needs. The team offers servers that are operated off of renewable energy. But there are many other features relating to what GreenGeeks offers that deserves to be noticed.

GreenGeeks focuses on offering a simple layout for managing its servers. It offers multiple hosting platforms for your use with an emphasis on WordPress hosting.

This works with an uptime rate of about 99.97% plus useful customer service that provides you with extra help for managing your website. The setup includes many additional features that are to your benefit too:

  • Get your work online with support from five different data centers.
  • Everything from GreenGeeks is fully scalable and easy to handle.
  • SSD hard drives are very easy to utilize and run.
  • All hosting accounts are fully isolated and secured to keep your websites in check.

This offers a 30-day money back guarantee to all its customers. You can also get this for as little as $3.95 per month. The more expensive plans provide you with added speed, but the low cost involved with the entire setup will provide you with help for getting more out of your website as you see fit.

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2. Cloudways – Customization Is Key

Cloudways is a smart solution for managing your websites that is easy to work with. With Cloudways, you can get your website managed accordingly with a simple setup for handling your work. You can select from many apps including various PHP-based frameworks for your use. You also have the option to work with many cloud infrastructure setups including Linode, Kyup, Amazon, and Google.

You can select the server resources you want to work with and then get your site up and be running as soon as possible. The simple layout that Cloudways uses ensures your content will be up and running as quickly as possible.

There are several positive features of Cloudways to watch for:

  • PHP 7 support works for managing many server functions.
  • The strong security features ensure that your server works within the cloud.
  • 24/7 customer service is included with each package.

Cloudways offers services for as little as $10 per month. Faster services are available for up to $80 per month. All accounts work with unlimited apps and free SSL certificates. A free trial can be utilized before you sign up as well, thus giving you help for getting the most out of the content you want to work with.

3.A2 Hosting – Closer Data Center to Canada

Don’t struggle with trying to get online when you are on A2 Hosting. With this service, you will get some of the fastest setups. The system provides you with fast SSD disk storage that works faster and makes your website to load faster. The functionality is useful, but the faster Turbo servers on the more expensive plans from A2 Hosting provide you with an exciting setup that is easy to follow and utilize.

You can register a domain quite well with one of many different extensions. You can also get your account migrated over to A2 Hosting for free.

You can get several special bonuses off of A2 Hosting:

  • Work with a Windows or Linux hosting system. These work with Plesk and cPanel setups.
  • One-click setups are organized to help you keep your content organized.
  • Email accounts are easy to handle. You can use A2 to set up many email accounts and to also plan setup forwarders. You can also manage your email lists.
  • Full support for analytics to see how your hosting system is working can be found too. This includes information from Awstats and Webalizer among other choices.

This is available with special deals where you can get around half off of your first month’s service. It is available from $3.92 with our exclusive discount.

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4.SiteGround – Overall Best Web Hosting

You will not have to worry about your site being at risk of harm when you use SiteGround for your hosting needs. With SiteGround, you can use a convenient design that features a simple solution for keeping your content intact.

SiteGround provides you with a strong layout where many WAF rules are used on a firewall. The firewall setup works to help you get your content secured and organized. Automated monitoring is also included with daily backups available to help you keep what you are using organized right.Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are also included in each program.

There are several other points about SiteGround to see:

  • The customer service team is very effective. You can utilize many services from SiteGround like including live chat and phone services for getting the help you need.
  • WordPress support is included with your SiteGround account.
  • SSD drives are included for making it easier for helping to get more hosting functions organized.
  • PHP7 support is included for helping you to keep your content loading as quickly as possible.

You can get SiteGround to work for as low as $3.95 for the first month, but the fastest and most powerful deal is for $11.95 for the first month. This works with a 60 percent discount off of the first month’s service. This is all available with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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5.FastComet – Cheapest & Best Web Hosting Canada

You have many fast options to choose from when finding service for hosting your websites in Canada. FastComet naturally gets its name from how the service provides you with an efficient and useful setup for handling data quickly. With FastComet, you can get online quickly with an average speed of about 400ms.

Much of what makes FastComet fast comes from its SSD-only cloud setup. You can also use the Cloudflare CDN with one of many servers from around the world to help you get the fastest times. The support that FastComet gives you for keeping your website up and running will be to your advantage.

Other points relating to what FastComet offers include the following points:

  • Phone and online support are available 24 hours a day.
  • The cPanel hosting setup gives you extra help for keeping your online work running well.
  • You will get a free domain throughout the life of your package.
  • Daily backups are included in your plan.
  • Get support from WordPress, WooCommerce, SocialEngine and much more.

Get services for as little as $2.95 per month with the high-end plans going for $9.95 per month. These totals are fixed throughout the entire life of your account.

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The cloud support that works off of TMDHosting makes this last choice for hosting a site in Canada useful. TMD works with a cloud setup that operates for many needs for finding the fastest speeds possible. This also works with SSD storage support with six layers of caching to help keep your websites loading faster.

The extra features that come with TMDHosting do well for your hosting requirements:

  • Spam Experts support is included for helping you to get rid of spam emails before they can get into your inbox.
  • You can get quick backups off of your account. The Jetbackup system is used for free for all members to provide you with a faster backup experience.
  • cPanel support is offered for helping you to control your site.
  • You will also get a free domain to use for your site’s hosting needs.

This works with deals starting for as little as $2.85 per month during the first month. The fastest servers are available starting at $12.85 per month. This all works with a 60-day money back guarantee to ensure that you are comfortable with the service you are using.

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One Final Note

Maybe choosing the best web hosting Canada might be difficult earlier but I made the process simplified for you to the best options for hosting websites for your Canadian website visitors.

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