5 Best Web Hosting India For 2019

Before letting you read this content Best Web Hosting India, let me set up a mindset for you to understand how hard I worked to bring you this list of Best Web Hosting India services.

First, Unlike other sites which recommend some random hosting companies, I'm really proud of our data-based Best Web Hosting India reports.

For the Hostingstep project, I signed up with multiple hosting companies as a customer with a demo site and started monitoring uptime & response time, every second since 2016. So obviously, even if a hosting company pays $200+ affiliate commission but comes with poor uptime and speed, with no mercy, I put them at the end of top web hosting companies list.

A great part of finding web hosting services is that you have many options to work with. People around India can choose several choices today. These include options that have many dynamic features that will work to your benefit.

Here is the list of Best Web Hosting in India for 2019.

1.A2 Hosting – India's Best Web Hosting

Start your search by taking a look at A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting takes pride in being one of the fastest options for you to utilize. The best thing about A2 Hosting, Indian customers can make payment through various payment options like Credit/Debit card, UPI, and wallets.

A2 Hosting promotes its Turbo Server system on select packages. Such servers provide you with extra speed for all your online needs. It is with this that you can get a response time of about 160ms on average. This all comes with a 99.98% uptime rating.

The service comes with regular 24/7 customer service support. You can speak live to an expert at A2 Hosting if you ever have any problems with your service.

There are many extra features to look at:

  • Free account migration ensures you can get your site to move to A2 Hosting without any problems.
  • You can also utilize platforms from Drupal, WordPress, OpenCart and many other popular options. A2 Hosting provides you with easy access to all of these functions.
  • Solid state drive support is utilized to ensure your content loads faster and is easier to read.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are included to help ensure people are secure when they are on your site.
  • You also have the option to choose from many servers. You can work with different servers from various parts of the world depending on the needs you hold.

It costs $9.31 for the first month to get access to the Turbo server option. The least expensive program available is the Lite package for $3.92/month.

A2 Hosting, also one of the fastest WordPress hosting to get started.

The service also comes with anytime money back guarantee. You can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your service within the first month of use or partial refund after 30 days of service.

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2.SiteGround – The #1 Best Web Hosting India

People often complain about the lack of customer service through some hosting providers, but this will not be the case with SiteGround. This service is heralded for offering the best customer service that you can utilize.

You can contact a professional at SiteGround by phone at any time or schedule a live chat session. You can also get support by  24/7 support ticket system. This provides responses in about ten minutes on average.

This all comes with a 99.99% uptime rating and an average loading and response time of 340ms. The speed is more consistent than what you might get elsewhere.

Other features include these points:

  • Get SSD drives for keeping your content in check while being easy to load.
  • Use HTTP/2 and PHP7 support along with a free CDN to keep your setup running fast.
  • A Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is included for free on each account.
  • A full firewall setup is included in your plan. This helps to ensure you are not at risk of any hacking issues or other problems when using SiteGround.
  • Automatic WordPress updates are included in a package.

You can get 60 percent off the regular price of a service during the first month of your service with SiteGround. The basic StartUp plan with one website and 10 GB of web space is available for $3.95 per the first month and $9.95 per month after that.

The advanced GoGeek plan is $11.95 at the start and $29.95 per month after this. This works with 30 GB and multiple websites. 30-day money back guarantees program is also included.

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3.FastComet – Affordable Web Hosting India 2019

Get quick access to the best possible speeds with FastComet. FastComet provides you with hosting that works on a cloud-based network. This operates off of eight data centers that you can get your content hosted through.

The SSD-only setup reduces the overall access time for finding data. The setup operates at an average response time of around 400ms. It is paired with around 99.98% uptime in a typical month, thus providing people with quick access.

Other features include:

  • Get a domain name for free for life.
  • The GlobalSign SSL program is available for free during the first year, although more expensive plans offer free for life. The program works with strict data security functions in mind.
  • 24/7 support is included in the system.
  • Daily and weekly backups are included for free with your account.
  • The Cloudflare CDN is provided to you for free. This CDN helps you run your site quickly and effortlessly.
  • Support is available for most major platforms including the WooCommerce, WordPress and Joomla setups.

You will pay the same price for services no matter how long you use FastComet for. You can get started for as little as $2.95 per month, but you can get extra storage space, RAM and CPU support with the SpeedUp package that goes from $9.95 per month.

With same renewal price and free domain name for the lifetime, FastComet easily carries the tag Cheap & Best Web Hosting India

The system works with no long-term contracts. You can also get a 45-day money back guarantee on the service to ensure you are comfortable with what you are using here.

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A vital part of getting a site up entails knowing how to use something that is not overly convoluted or tough to work with. TMDHosting will provide you with an ideal option for your hosting needs with a drag and drop site builder. The interface used by TMD provides you with a simple process for making your site work.

You can use a one-click WordPress system while supporting one of the hundreds of different open source apps. This gives you more control over how your content is to be utilized.

The system works with a general response time of 510ms with 99.97% uptime. The team at TMD also offers quality live support for any hassles you have with your hosting needs.

The additional features offered by TMD include these points:

  • Get free application install functions for Opencart, Prestashop, Drupal and other popular programs.
  • Use the Spam Experts mailbox system to help you keep spam messages from getting in the way.
  • SSD storage works with several caching layers to keep your content under control.
  • Backup services are managed quickly and without hassles.
  • The cPanel setup gives you easy control over your work.

TMDHosting provides deals starting at $2.85 per month for a single site. You can also get the Business plan at $5.85 per month to get 128 MB of the Memcache instance. The Professional program gives you unlimited websites and three times the speed plus 256 GB Memcache instance for $12.85 per month.

Each program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This provides you with extra time to take a look at what you can utilize off of your program.

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The last choice to see for web hosting desires in India is CloudWays. This program gives you strong feature-rich servers that let you control your cloud-based content. With this, you only need one click for everything you wish to do. You can use a fully scalable setup for managing your content the right way. You can order RAM, CPU and storage content at any time based on your site’s needs.

With CloudWays, you use the cloud system to access your content and make it work for you. It only takes a moment to get your work set up properly when you use the CloudWays system. You do not have to go through any separate systems to make this work for you.

Various additional features go into what makes CloudWays so valuable for your use:

  • PHP7 support is included for offering a faster performance level.
  • 24/7 customer service is available for your use. This special service ensures you can get your content to work to your liking.
  • SSD servers are used for keeping your content running fast.
  • A free WordPress cache plugin is available for your use. This plugin lets you load up your site content quickly.
  • Automatic backups can be set at any time that is to your liking. You can backups set at a certain time every hour or even once a week if needed.

You can access CloudWays for as little as $10 per month for the first month. This includes a single-core processor and 25 GB storage. An advanced plan for $80 per month during the first month includes a quad-core processor with 160 GB storage and 5 TB bandwidth. All packages work with unlimited apps for your use plus free SSL certificates.

This all works with a pay as you go plan. You are not tied up to any long-term contracts when you use the services offered here.


The options you have for a Best Web Hosting India are vast. You should see what options are around based on how fast they are, what security features you can get and what support is available among other companies. Every option that is available will fit in with your needs in some fashion.

If you don't have an international working card, choose A2 Hosting, the fastest web hosting to get started else you can go with SiteGround which has the best uptime and finally, if you look to save some money, go with FastComet which comes with same renewal price and free domain name for the lifetime.

All the above three options best suits for your search on Best Web Hosting India 2019.

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