3 Best WordPress Hosting India in 2019

Think of a website and what crosses your mind first is WordPress, isn't it?

This actually reflects the popularity of WordPress. The perception of Best WordPress Hosting India has changed drastically over the years and as a matter of fact, every aspect of hosting is given the right emphasis nowadays for websites to stand out amongst others. However, there are lots of hosting companies available in the market these days with the most exclusive offers and features.

This is where things might get a little fuzzy or difficult and a wrong choice would certainly make things extremely frustrating in terms of performance. We are pretty much aware of the kind of difficulty that most of the people in India may have to face in choosing the right WordPress Hosting in India and this is why we decided to come up with this post to help you find the Best WordPress Hosting in India.

Here is the list of Best WordPress Hosting India For 2019.

#1 FastComet

WordPress Hosting India would be simply incomplete if we don't mention FastComet and there are many reasons for it as well. The hosting company has done exceptionally well over the years. Over the years, the hosting Company has largely proved its excellence and dedication in web hosting. It offers great transparency of price and features.

Also, the price is fixed for every FastComet product with no surprise. By now, it is seen as the most reliable web hosting company in the world.

Free Domain Forever: With every hosting plan you buy from FastComet, you actually get a free domain forever and this is something that you certainly can’t really expect with the other hosting companies. This can certainly help users save some money.

SSD-Only Cloud: The FastComet hosting is based on SSD Drives and this helps it offer a brilliant load time as well as an excellent uptime. Over the years, users from all over the world have experienced an excellent load time and uptime with FastComet.

cPanel Powered Hosting: The FastComet cPanel offers users an exceptional freedom in managing their hosting accounts. It is not only simple to understand but also, pretty advanced and comprehensive. Even if a user is completely new to web hosting, one would not need much time in getting familiar with the FastComet cPanel.

Daily Backups: There's certainly a lot of effort associated with developing the various aspects of a website and we can't afford to put it at risk. With Daily Backups, users can rest assured that their websites' data is always secure. This, in turn, helps the users concentrate on the other aspects of the websites better.

Free 24/7 Priority Support: FastComet support is simply unbeatable when it comes to resolving the issues and answering the queries of the users. In fact, it takes merely a couple of seconds to reach the support.

Most importantly, all the agents are well versed with the technicality which is why users can always expect the fastest and accurate resolutions to their issues. Also, the agents are exceptionally friendly in dealing with the users and this has played a key role in the success of this hosting company over the years.

#2 SiteGround – Officially Recommended by WordPress

SiteGround is certainly the most trusted name when it comes to WordPress Hosting India and also, it is one of the oldest hosting companies of the world. Feature-wise, SiteGround has the most powerful blend for every category of websites.

SiteGround certainly has every reason to be the Best WordPress Hosting in India. Most importantly, it offers a perfect environment for WordPress hosting in terms of both security and performance.

Enhanced performance: SiteGround offers a brilliant performance in terms of page loading as well as uptime and what really helps it is the fact that the hosting is based on SSD drives and latest speed technologies such as NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN.

Free SSL Certificate: SSL certificate has a huge impact on the trustworthiness of a website especially if it is an eCommerce website. Customers will only make transactions if they are convinced that the site is reliable and secure.

SSL certificate plays a huge role in this regard. SiteGround offers users a Free Let's Encrypt SSL with every hosting plan.

User Apps Auto Updates: All the apps and the CMS is auto updated so that there is not the slightest space for any vulnerability to any threat. WordPress users can always rest assured that their websites always run at the latest version of WordPress.

High security: SiteGround offers an excellent web security with over 800+ WAF own firewall security rules to ensure that there is not even the slightest space for any online threat or vulnerabilities.

Over the years, SiteGround has maintained an amazing track record of having the most secure hosting for its users.

Brilliant Support: SiteGround undoubtedly has the best Support team and over the years, it has done a brilliant job in helping many users with the queries and issues. Most importantly, the Customer support team is pretty knowledgeable as well as friendly.

It is not only easy to reach out but also, customers can expect to find quick assistance at any point in time.

 #3 A2 Hosting

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting in India, you certainly need to consider A2 Hosting. We tested A2 Hosting recently and found its features to be extremely powerful. Also, we compared the plans with that of the other hosting companies and found that the A2 Hosting plans are comparatively much cheaper.

A2 Hosting is one of those few companies that have risen up pretty fast despite the fact that they are pretty new. Over the years, users from all over the world have used A2 Hosting and so far the experience has been brilliant. Almost all the reviews on the internet have the most positive things about this hosting company. It certainly is one of the best choices for WordPress hosting India.

Fastest Hosting Experience: We are all pretty much aware as to how irritating it gets for visitors if a website takes too long to load. This is the reason why a fast loading time is always considered to be favorable for SEO.

A2 Hosting has the right mix of the best technologies to offer a brilliant page loading speed. Users can get a speed up to 20X using the Turbo Server option. Also, users can rest assured of a consistent speed with A2 Hosting.

99.9% Uptime: A2 Hosting offers a brilliant 99.9% uptime on a consistent basis with the help of its ultra-reliable servers. This has won the confidence of many users over the years and users can rest assured of a high performance with A2 Hosting.

Guru Crew Support: Just as the name suggests, it truly has the Gurus or the most knowledgeable staffs in the support team to assist the users round the clock with every single query or issue. So far, it has maintained a brilliant track record of having the right mix of friendliness and quick assistance.

High Levels of Security: A2 Hosting has the best versions of software, the best developer features, the fastest hardware, and the most secure settings to ensure that there is not even the slightest space for any vulnerability. Also, there’s a constant focus to ensure that every site runs at its peak performance.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee: Unlike any other hosting companies, A2 Hosting offers an “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” which clearly reflects its confidence as well as its commitment towards its customers.

In case a customer doesn’t find the hosting effective for oneself, one could stop the service anytime and get the money refunded back.

How To Chose The Best WordPress Hosting India?

If you are wondering as to how and why we chose the above three for Best WordPress hosting India, We did some really good research and what we have here now is the most accurate choice for you.

We signed up with many hosting companies and bought a hosting account from each of the companies. We then created a domain and hosted a demo website on each of the hosting accounts. All the websites have been installed with the WordPress CMS. We then kept a close track of the monitoring uptime, response time and other parameters.

We spend over $1500 every year on signing up with multiple companies and over $300 every year on premium tools to monitor uptime, response time and other aspects of performance. We use in-depth testing parameters to bring you the live raw data of the different web hosting companies using advanced tools such as Sucuri, ByteCheck, Uptime Robot, and more.

Sucuri helps in determining as to how fast a site loads in various parts of the world and as a matter of fact, this tool is used all the world to analyze the response time. ByteCheck helps in determining as to how long it takes to load its first byte. This tool is amongst the best tools of the world to measure websites' performance. Uptime Robot is the ultimate tool to monitor the uptime of the websites and it notifies in time in case the uptime of a website ever falls.


We hope you found this post pretty useful in understanding the way you could go about choosing the best Web hosting for WordPress in India. All three Web hosting companies mentioned in this post are pretty reputed and reliable companies with users from all over the globe. However, we suggest that you first try to comprehend your exact requirement or the category of the website you are planning to buy hosting for and only then, look for hosting.

Most of the people either make the wrong choice or go wrong with the testing when it comes to making the right choice of hosting. The testing parameters as mentioned in this post can be pretty effective in choosing the best hosting for WordPress in India. We are pretty sure that anyone can choose the most suitable and right hosting for one’s website provided that one strictly follows the guidelines mentioned in this post.