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The ChemiCloud and SiteGround get compared at Hostingstep based on performance, support, and other important factors. I was tracking both the companies for over months, and here is the best content you can read on ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround.

In short, ChemiCloud is an affordable hosting solution along with a free domain name for a lifetime. At the same time, SiteGround is the matured overall best host perfecting everything except the high renewal charges.

ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround – Overview: 

Founded in 2016, ChemiCloud is a pretty reliable cloud hosting company with fast and secure service. The company offers customers a pretty advanced yet easy-to-use service with 7 global datacenters, Free Domain forever, unlimited Site Migration, Cloudflare Railgun, lower renewal prices, good uptime, and speed.

SiteGround started in 2004 and is ranked among the best hosting companies. Over the years, SiteGround has largely pleased its customers with its fully managed service & rock-solid security. The service comprises unmetered traffic, Free Daily Backups, Free SSL, Free Email Hosting, decent speed, and uptime.

In this ChemiCloud vs. SiteGround review, I will try to get to some important aspects of both the hosting providers and see which one of these two is actually better. 

ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround – Uptime/ Speed

Uptime and Speed are the two most important aspects of every website. This is why it is important to check how well these two services perform in terms of uptime and speed.

To know this, I bought a hosting account from both the providers and hosted a demo site on each of the platforms.

While ChemiCloud recorded 424 ms average response time, SiteGround took 409 ms in the same period. By the data, ChemiCloud is twice as faster than SiteGround. When it comes to uptime, ChemiCloud recorded 99.85% uptime and I found SiteGround with a stable uptime of 99.99%.

It got me a little too curious to understand what help this service with such a brilliant speed. What I found is that ChemiCloud uses a brilliant mix of different speed technologies comprising LiteSpeed Caching, HTTP/2, PHP 7, CDN, and 100% SSD storage. 

Now, I did a load test and sent 1000 users to the sites. While ChemiCloud just took 37 ms to handle the request, SiteGround took 45 ms to complete the same request.

While the above test is a simple one where the load is sent at random times, below is the important test where I sent 500 users to the site where they will be constantly present throughout the test duration. In this test also ChemiCloud simply beats SiteGround.

ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround – Features

ChemiCloud provides users with excellent features for sure. As customers buy a ChemiCloud plan, they would get a Free Domain forever. However, SiteGround doesn’t offer a Free Domain with its plans.

Both ChemiCloud and SiteGround offer robust security. ChemiCloud partnered with Immunify for malware prevention, and in house security comprises custom web application firewall rules, real-time 24/7 server monitoring, and HTTPS traffic encryption.

Web Hosting Services Crafted with Care - SiteGround

SiteGround has the advantage of being based on Google Cloud Platform in the first place. Besides, the service uses a Custom Web Application Firewall, traffic encryption, and AI Anti-bot system. However, due to shared hosting plans, they limit the power of Google Cloud which results in average performance.

ChemiCloud provides customers with a hassle-free migration. If you ever have a website to migrate to this platform, you will get full assistance from the experts. The experts will move your website to your new ChemiCloud hosting account easily, free of charge, and with no downtime.

SiteGround makes site migration pretty simple, too, and with the SiteGround Free WordPress Migrator plugin, you can do it conveniently by yourself. To use the plugin, all you have to do is generate a token to start the process. Most importantly, using this tool, you can have as many site migrations as you want.

However, when it comes to expert assistance, unlike ChemiCloud, which has it for all plans, SiteGround doesn’t have it for the StartUp plan and has it only for GrowBig and higher plans. 

While SiteGround offers you 30 days money-back guarantee, ChemiCloud offers a 45 days money-back guarantee. This certainly means you get more time to try and test the ChemiCloud Service.

ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround – Pricing

ChemiCloud plans are comparatively cheaper than those of SiteGround. SiteGround starts at $6.99/month and renews at $14.99/month. While ChemiCloud starts at $3.95/month and renews at $7.90/month. For the renewal price of SiteGround, you can get two starter accounts at ChemiCloud.

I say this is that first, ChemiCloud offers you a Free Domain forever. As long as you host your site with them, they will renew your domain for free. Besides, if we consider the highest tier plan, ChemiCloud offers it for just $10.95 per month with a renewal price: $21 per month. While SiteGround does it for $14.99/mo with a renewal price of $39.99/mo.

Using ChemiCloud Coupon, you can get a 60% exclusive discount on all plans. This coupon makes the ChemiCloud plans 100% cheaper than SiteGround.

ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround – Locations

SiteGround offers 6 datacenter locations comprising Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA), Chicago, IL (USA), London (UK), Eemshaven & Amsterdam (NL), Singapore (SG).

However, ChemiCloud offers comparatively more data center locations comprising Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Bangalore, Singapore, and Sydney. This gives ChemiCloud a leading edge over SiteGround.

ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround – Support

Both SiteGround and ChemiCloud have a very reliable customer support service. SiteGround support provides customers round-the-clock assistance via Tickets, Live Chat, and Phone.

ChemiCloud customer support provides users brilliant assistance through Chat, Tickets, Email, and Phone.

Also, both the hosts have a powerful knowledge base for the customers to refer to anytime they run into any technical difficulty. SiteGround will take years of experience and might solve some of the complex queries of their client sites, which is not the same with ChemiCloud since they got started a few years back.

ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround – User Experience

ChemiCloud provides users with pretty easy management backed by many good and easy-to-use cPanel tools. Besides, the provider presents customers with a Mobile-friendly client area.

This means you can do many important things such as paying invoices, contacting the support team, registering a new domain, viewing resource and visitor analytics, and more right from your mobile phone.

SiteGround puts equal emphasis on Site management. It is reflected by its User-Friendly client area, 1-Click Software installation, and various important tools to upload files to the server, create databases and emails, park domains and manage DNS zones. With the launch.


At this stage, you can clearly understand the major differences, and here is our final take. The ChemiCloud beats SiteGround in every aspect be it performance, pricing or support. The only reason you can think of choosing SiteGround is their control panel which is slightly better than cPanel. Apart from that, I don’t have any reasons to recommend SiteGround.

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