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Cloudways Vs Templ

Cloudways is a popular managed cloud hosting platform that offers growing agencies and eCommerce businesses exceptional experiences through unmatched performance, reliability, and excellent 24×7 support. The host has done exceptionally well over the years and has tie-ups with 5 Cloud providers comprising Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Vultr, Linode, and DigitalOcean.

Cloudways Home

Templ is a reliable managed WordPress hosting service with white-glove support. It runs on the Google Cloud Platform, characterized by a blazing fast speed, easy scaling, and simplified site management. The service comes with many advanced features.

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This post will walk you through some of the most crucial aspects of the two services. I have closely studied the various aspects of the two services and performed some important performance tests to clarify the services.

Cloudways Vs. Templ: Performance

1. Server Response Time

I started the performance check with the server response time test, and I tested the performance of my sites hosted with the two services. While my Cloudways site had an average response time of 309 ms, and interestingly, my Templ site had an average response time of 309 as well. Hence, both have a good server response time.

2. Uptime

It is never wise to choose a hosting service without being sure of its uptime. I tested the uptime of my sites hosted with the two services. My Cloudways site reflected an uptime of 99.99%, while my Templ site had an uptime of 100%. Hence, you can see that both have a reliable uptime. However, Templ has slightly better uptime than Cloudways.

3. Load Testing

Load Testing gives us better clarity on performance. As I performed load testing on my sites, my Cloudways site recorded 10 ms in the Clients Per Test (1000 Clients in 1 minute), 168 ms in the Maintain Client Load (500 Clients in 1 Minute), and 268 ms in the Maintain Client Load (1000 Clients in 1 Minute).

My Templ site recorded 33 ms in the Clients Per Test (1000 Clients in 1 minute), 32 ms in the Maintain Client Load (500 Clients in 1 Minute), and 71 ms in the Maintain Client Load (1000 Clients in 1 Minute). Templ performed better than Cloudways in the load testing.


4. Global TTFB

Another important way to check the performance of a hosting service is finding out the TTFB of the service across multiple global locations. This is also important because most websites count on multiple global locations for traffic.

I tested the global TTFB of the two services by pinging my sites hosted with the two services from as many as 10 global locations. My Cloudways site had impressive TTFB across all the global locations with exceptionally low TTFB in New York, Dallas, and San Francisco. The host had an average TTFB of 390.15 ms.

My Templ site has also performed brilliantly in all the global locations with exceptionally good TTFB in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, New York, Dallas, and San Francisco. The host had an average TTFB of 353.69 ms. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that both Cloudways and Templ have reliable Global TTFB.


5. Core Web Vitals

Testing the Core Web Vitals for hosting services is extremely important since this is an important signal for user experience and can have a huge impact on ranking. As I tested the Core Web Vitals of the two services, my Cloudways site reflected a ‘Largest Contentful Paint’ of 0.583 s, Total Blocking Time of 0 s, and Cumulative Layout Shift of 0. My Templ site also reflected the same results. You can see both have decent Core Web Vitals.


Cloudways Vs. Templ: Features

1. Control Panel

Cloudways comes with a custom control panel that is exceptionally easy to use. All the features and options are neatly arranged to give you excellent control of managing everything from a single point. The control panel has important features and options, including server monitoring, a Free built-in cache plugin, 1-Click CDN, server cloning, staging URL, and team collaboration. Even if you had been a cPanel or Plesk user, you shouldn’t find this control panel difficult to use.

Even Templ comes with a customized control panel for simplified site management. The host has focused on offering users an elegant and uncluttered interface by not including many unnecessary options and functions present in the traditional control panels. Most importantly, the host has designed the control panel keeping in mind the convenience of the WordPress users.

Data Center Locations

As far as the Data Center Locations go, Templ has 23 Google Cloud Platform data center locations for the customers to choose from. You can easily find your desired data center location to serve our audience. However, Cloudways provides over 65 data center locations across the globe to choose from, and you can easily find the closest data center location to your target audience for fast site loading.


CDNs are pretty effective in enhancing the load times. Cloudways has an in-built CDN powered by StackPath. The CDN comes with a simple installation, enhanced performance, and global reach. However, the host charges $1 for every 25 GB of bandwidth, based on a pay-as-you-go model.

Templ, on the other hand, has Google CDN for free on all the plans, and Google CDN is one of the most expensive and effective CDN services around. In fact, Templ is the only host that offers Google CDN as of now. Hence, you can see that Templ has a leading edge over Cloudways in terms of CDN.


Staging is a pretty useful feature to test modifications before deploying them to the live site. Templ offers ‘Staging’ for free on all plans. Using this feature, you can easily create a copy of a live site, test different modifications, and deploy changes to the live site.

Cloudways also offers this feature for free on all plans, and the process of creating a staging site to deploying the final changes to the live site is pretty simple. Hence, both Templ and Cloudways support this feature well.


It is essential to backup your site consistently every day to ensure no slightest chance of ever losing your website data. Cloudways has a very reliable backup system wherein backups are taken automatically daily and stored in an external storage network. However, the feature is not offered for free, and Cloudways charges 0.33 per GB of backups. For more than 1 GB of backups, you have to pay an additional price.

On the contrary, Templ offers automated daily backups for free on all plans. The host stores every backup for 30 days, and you can restore a backup anytime with any difficulty. Hence, Templ has an advantage over Cloudways in terms of backup.


Moving on to security, Cloudways provides customers with a very secure hosting environment. If we look into the security system of this host, it comprises dedicated firewalls, Let’s EncryptSSL, IP Whitelisting, Regular Security Patching, Two-Factor Authentication, Bot Protection against DoS, and brute force. With such a brilliant security system in place, I don’t think you have to ever worry about the security of your website.

As far as the security features in Templ go, the host has the benefit of Google’s robust security in the first place. Besides, the host offers managed security on all plans, which comprise isolated environments with tight permissions, detecting and removing vulnerabilities, and code reviews to eliminate critical security risks. Hence, both Cloudways and Templ are equally reliable when it comes to website security.


Technical complexities are pretty common when you are hosting a website. If you don’t want to get stuck with technical complexities, you must look for a provider with the best customer support service. As simple as that!

Cloudways has an excellent support team consisting of dedicated and knowledgeable executives to help the customers through 24×7 live chat and ticketing. Besides, customers can also opt for the advanced or premium support add-ons for an even better and faster service.

Templ has amicable and professional support with hard-working executives, experienced in WordPress and WooCommerce, to assist you 24×7 through live chat, email, and phone. You can expect help with every aspect of your hosting account, from debugging, free migration to malware-check.

Cloudways Vs Templ Discount

Both the host offers a generous discount for our users. Through Cloudways promo code one can get $25 free credits applicable for the first month. The coupon works on all plans.

The Templ Coupon Code gives you $30 free credits that are applicable for 1 or 2 months, based on the plan chosen.


Both Cloudways and Templ are pretty reliable and even our most recommended Fastest WordPress hosting services to our site visitors. However, when it comes to managing high traffic, Templ is twice as faster as Cloudways. On the other hand, Cloudways is affordable and scores well in every area apart from load testing. If you don’t host high traffic sites, then Cloudways is a good choice. However, Templ should be your choice if you look for a perfect host.

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