FastComet Vs Bluehost Compared (2019)

Needless to say, both FastComet and Bluehost are two of the most well-known Web Hosting companies with a huge number of users from all regions of the world.

However, making a choice between these two can be a little difficult until you completely comprehend all the aspects of both the hosting companies.

In this post, I have compared a few of the most important aspects of these two hosting companies with each other to attain a very clear conclusion and, of course, give you a very clear picture.

FastComet Vs Bluehost: Overview

Started in the year 2010, FastComet has performed with great consistency over the years. Bluehost, on the other hand, is one of the oldest hosting companies that started way back in 2003.

As a matter of fact, it has played a major role in popularizing WordPress hosting. Also, it is one of the Web Hosting Company recommended by WordPress.

FastComet Vs Bluehost: Speed & Uptime

Speed and Uptime always play a very significant role in Web Hosting and this is the reason that we need to be really pretty sure of that first before we actually choose a hosting company.

In order to test the speed and uptime of these two Giant Web Hosting companies, I bought a hosting account from both the providers to host my demo sites. I then, spend a lot of hours monitoring the speed and uptime of the two demo sites.

The conclusion was really surprising. While my demo site hosted with FastComet showed up a loading time of 286ms, the site hosted with Bluehost had a loading time of 956ms. Hence, FastComet sites are much faster than Bluehost sites.

As far as the uptime is concerned, I found my FastComet site to have an uptime of 99.97% while the Bluehost site had an uptime of 99.94%. Hence, FastComet is a lot more reliable when it comes to Speed and Uptime.

FastComet Vs Bluehost: Support

FastComet offers support via Phone, Chat, and Email and so does Bluehost. However, with FastComet, you can rest assured of the friendliest, knowledgeable, quickest and, of course, the most helpful support executives.

Although Bluehost support executives are knowledgeable too, they are not as fast and helpful as the FastComet support executives are.

FastComet Vs Bluehost: Data center locations

You can have eight data center locations to choose from with FastComet and they comprise Chicago, Dallas, and Newark in the USA, Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam in the Europe and Singapore and Tokyo in Asia.

As far as the Bluehost data center locations are concerned, they include Provo, Utah: Main US Data Center, Orem, Utah: Secondary US Data Center, Hong Kong, HK Data Center, Shanghai, Mainland China Data Center, Mumbai, India Data Center, and London, UK/Europe Data Center.

FastComet Vs Bluehost: Pricing

While with Bluehost, you can actually start for as low as $3.95/mo, FastComet allows you to start for as low as $2.95/mo. However, I found the FastComet pricing to be much better than that of the Bluehost considering the fact that renewals are pretty high in Bluehost while FastComet has the same buy price and renewal price for all its plans.

I actually thought FastComet offers you a very clear pricing structure with no hidden charges. Also, it offers a free domain forever while Bluehost offers a free domain for the first one year only which I thought is a sort of a strategy to get users in a situation wherein they will have no other choice than renewing their domain after one year as their website starts to grow.


This pretty much brings us to the end of this review. However, having compared the different aspects of these two hosting companies with each other, I thought FastComet is the clear winner. This holds true for the aspects of speed, uptime, support, and pricing.

This is the reason that a lot of Bluehost users actually switched to FastComet over the years. What is more obvious in Bluehost is its high emphasis on upsells. This does not hold true for FastComet at all and if you are looking to start with reliable hosting, you can, of course, consider choosing FastComet.

However, I will suggest you choose the mod level plan i.e. ScaleRight for $5.95/mo for better performance and resources.