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EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting is available in three different plans. The Annual plan comes at a 65% discount for the first year. Here is the EasyWP Pricing breakup:

  • Starter: $17.16 first year, renews at $48.88 per year, 10 GB SSD storage,
  • Turbo: $31.56 first year, renews at $94.88 per year, 50 GB SSD storage
  • Supersonic: $40.20 first year, renews at $114.88 per year, 100 GB SSD storage.

The EasyWP Monthly pricing:

  • Starter: $6.88/month
  • Turbo: $12.88/month
  • Supersonic: $19.88/month

All the plans are renewed at the same price. Each plan comes with single website hosting. You can buy multiple plans to host multiple sites at a time.

EasyWP Managed Hosting Features

EasyWP doesn’t share its features in detail. Some of the notable features are

  • Free SSL and CDN
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee on the top plan.

The CPU and RAM information is not clear. It says 1.5x RAM and CPU on Turbo and 2x more RAM and CPU on Supersonic. We don’t know what the multiples indicate as there is no mention of RAM and CPU availability mentioned on its starter plan.

Also, the Supersonic plan is guaranteed with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which indicates the prior plans are not designed in the same way and higher downtimes are expected

What is the ideal EasyWP plan for you?

The lowest tier EasyWP plan, Starter, should be fine for anyone looking forward to starting a new website or a blog and doesn’t require more than 10 GB SSD storage. For any website with constant growth, it’s wise to choose the mid-tier plan, Turbo, with 50 GB SSD storage. Besides, the plan comes with several other additional features not available in Starter. These features are 1.5x more CPU and RAM, Free CDN, and Free SSL. This is why most people choose Turbo.

For sites that are too big and receive high traffic, you can choose the highest tier plan, Supersonic, to scale up the resources to 100 GB SSD storage and 2x more CPU and RAM.

However, we don’t recommend EasyWP for many reasons which I’ve mentioned in our review of EasyWP.

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