InterServer Reviews 2019

​Interserver was one of the oldest web hosting founded back in 1999 and they're in hosting business for more than 18 years and at Hostingstep, I was curious to test them for our visitors who're looking for the perfect Interserver reviews.

Interserver Reviews 2019

​Let's go straight into the pros and cons of Interserver, I found after hosting our demo site on their servers.


​Pros of InterServer

​1. Average Uptime (99.97%)

The 99.97% uptime rating is ​not so great but good comparing to few companies that posses even lesser uptime. You can rest assured that your content will stay online during all the peak hours of the day. The service does take things offline for a bit to maintain the servers and other bits of hardware, but those are carefully scheduled at times when your business will not be busy or active.

​Historical Uptime Data

2. Good Response Time (380ms)

The load speed time of 382ms is significantly faster. Much of this is thanks to how InterServer uses 50% server capacity to keep the amount of available resources available open without risking any performance problems.

​This offers a good setup that works effortlessly without producing possible speed issues. But even with this fast 382ms time, InterServer is only ​next to A2 Hosting and SiteGround both have faster services.

​Historical ​Response Time Data

3.Guaranteed Pricing

​The thing I love about Interserver.

Unlike many other places that jack up the price after you are a member for a few months, InterServer provides you with a consistent and predictable rate throughout the lifetime of your membership. It only costs $5 per month for services. This price is always the same and regularly covers all the key features that InterServer has to offer.

You do have the option to work with a VPS service for $6 per month too. This offers 1 GB RAM and 25 GB storage while working on many operating systems.

A dedicated hosting system at $50 per month is also available with 1 GB memory and 250 GB of hard drive space available while using an Intel dual-core Atom processor to keep your site running. 

4.Effective Customer Service

The customer support team InterServer works with is fully based in the United States. Available 24 hours a day, the customer service team offers support by phone or through online tickets or through live chat. You just go onto your account with the site and then enter in details on the issue you need to get resolved. It takes about​ 10-20 minutes on average for you to get a response to your ticket, however live chat is faster. The service is convenient and ensures you will get the help you need right away.

​Got connected to customer representative in some 25 seconds! Great!

The help desk section of the InterServer site also has answers to various questions you might have when trying to keep your site running. This section offers information on how to troubleshoot various errors or how to adjust different features on a site.​

5.Strong Technology Features

The technical features that InterServer works with are truly unique. You will get access to a server network that runs with 10Gbps Ethernet connections while working with many Tier 1 IP backbone service providers.

It is all paired with routing equipment from Cisco and Riverstone among other groups to keep all connections running quickly. All traffic is routed to the fastest backbone providers, thus ensuring the best speeds with the lowest latency totals. Spare routers are always kept open for cases where any parts of the system fail, thus ensuring you will not experience unexpected downtime.

What is even more important is that InterServer loads sites onto its servers to where only 50% of each server is filled. This ensures there is enough speed available to each site while reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.

6. 30 Days ​Money Back Guarantee (30 Days)

InterServer offers a 30 day money back guarantee on its services. This ensures you have enough time to work with when seeing how well InterServer can work for your needs. InterServer will refund your money to you if you are not satisfied with the services offered for any reason.

7.Four Datacenter Locations

InterServer uses four datacenters to ensure connections are available 24 hours a day while ensuring the 99.97% uptime rate stays intact. InterServer has three separate centers in Secaucus, New Jersey with each offering climate controlled spaces for keeping the servers controlled.

Reserve power resources are available at each of these centers to ensure that all data being managed at a time is handled right. The fourth center is in Los Angeles and is also fully climate controlled. The company has been around for more than fifteen years in Secaucus and has been growing its datacenters over the years.

​All of these datacenters are privately owned and operated. This ensures you will get the support you require right away and without having to go through any outsourced services just to make something work for you.

8.Free Site Transfer

You can move your old website from some other place onto InterServer with ease. The service makes it easy for you to get a good connection moving fast. The free service helps to make it easier for data to be managed with unlimited Samsung Ultra SSD storage.

​Message from Interserver regarding site transfer

You can even use one of the 450 cloud apps offered by InterServer on your site after you transfer it.

9.Free Email Hosting

The email system is not only free to use with your ​account but also secure. It uses IP blacklisting to stop known spammers from getting onto your email server. 

Regular spam checks are also programmed into what InterServer offers. This all ensures that your ​emails are properly protected and managed to ensure that there are no problems involved with your ​incoming and outgoing emails.

The non-delivery reports you get from InterServer also lets you know when emails you send out are rejected. This helps you to see what you can resolve or analyze in the event you experience any problems with your work.

10.Free Backups

You can use free backups when you work with InterServer. The backup system works with weekly checks to ensure your content is backed up properly and secured without problems. 

The backups work well and will not disrupt how your site is hosted. This ensures you will stay online and keep your content under control quite well.

​11. Free CDN, SSD and SSL Options

You will get access to numerous convenient options for keeping your site organized and run right. The CloudFlare CDN system is free for your use. The SSL encryption system used here also keeps your work under control while ensuring your content is easy to load up.

The Samsung SSD storage system that is used here adds a convenient layout for keeping your data accessible and easy to review. The SSD drives also store SQL databases to keep them running quickly so you can get your content ready fast.

Cons of InterServer

Inodes Limited

The inodes on InterServer work well for keeping data managed so your website is not likely to experience any downtime or get into any messages saying that you have reached your resource limit. But even with this, you only have access to 250,000 inodes on your account. This is substantially less than the 500,000 that FastComet offers.

No Information on Security

Although InterServer does have a secure system for reviewing your emails, the company is not very forthcoming about its security. While SiteGround has its own specific rules and FastComet has partnered with BitNinja to protect its servers from hackers and attackers, information on what InterServer uses has not been found anywhere.

InterServer says it uses the Intershield system to protect sites, but there is not much information on its website for what this system does in particular.


​Overall, Interserver was not a bad hosting, it scores good at major areas like free SSL, CDN, SSD and free backups and also having best response time. Interserver failed in some parts like average uptime ​and resource limits.

Though the response time is better, the uptime is getting worse every other month. However, I'm still recommending them considering the facts like cost effective renewals and good customer support.

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