libflv – creating FLV video streams

libflv is able to create FLV streams for use with Flash/SWF movies. Currently, libflv is only capable of creating video-streams with Screen Video Format codec (since SWF version 7) and MP3 audio streams. started testing top hosting companies and recommends the following companies with

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SourceForge Project Page
Tutorial: 7.5.2005
Video and Audio Streaming with Flash and Open Source Tools
A tutorial describing creating and converting FLV content and creating a simple flash multimedia player. Download Player Sourcelibflv v0.2 28.02.2004
– improved api
– audio support (currently only Mp3)
– screen video code / capturing is a lot faster now
– flv-util: split / sync / edit flv filesInstall:
Download (local SourceForge) and extract the tar.gz archive.
cd libflv/src
make install
Also included in the archive is a very basic gtk screen capture tool, based on gimps screen-shot tool.

Example FLV stream: screen.flv
Example SWF file made with MING: screen.swf

Information on how to work with videos and MING can be found here.

Create Stream Object:

video_stream = ScreenVideo_newStream(width, height, blockSize, zlib_comp);
Create FlvStream:

FlvStream_newStream(“/tmp/out.flv”, NULL, video_stream, FLV_VERSION_1);
Write Frame:
Fill structure with image data:

int frame;
struct PixelData pixelData;

pixelData.width = width;
pixelData.height = height;

/* raw pixel data */ = data;

/* row ordering */
pixelData.rowOrder = TOPDOWN;

/* number of channels of pixel data
3 = RGB
4 = RGB + alpha
pixelData.n_channels = n_channels;

/* row padding in bytes */
pixelData.rowPadding = padding;
write data:

FlvStream_writeVideoTag(flv, timeStamp, 0, &pixelData;);