Liquid Web Scales Up its Managed Services With Nexcess Partnership

Being a satisfied Liquid Web VPS user for a long time, I wanted to give my WordPress sites special care by moving the sites from Bluehost to the new Liquid Web Managed WordPress services with the partnership with Nexcess.

I got used to the new Nexcess platform fast and I am pretty much satisfied with the performance and ease to use features and for someone like me coming after using cPanel for more than a decade will definitely love this new platform.

I documented everything right from choosing a domain and making the site live on new Nexcess platform, read further to know more about how good the Nexcess integrations and performance comparison with other managed WordPress services in this post.

Liquid Web Nexcess Dashboard

Getting started with Liquid Web Nexcess WordPress is simple with two steps. Just enter the domain name, choose payment details and deploy your sites.

Once done, you'll get a dashboard where users can view the nameservers, just enter it on your domain panel.

I found this straightforward and easy as long as I remember, most managed hosts requests you to add IP / A records on domain panel where one can use nameservers with Nexcess which I think more people are familiar with. 

So, once your site is live, head over to the Nexcess dashboard and take care of the following settings. This is how the Nexcess Dashboard looks like and there a lot of useful options to work around to make your site better.


Under the Performance tab, you get the option to instantly scale up using the Cloud Auto Scaling. You have another powerful option called the Cloud Accelerator that helps you with accelerating content and application delivery using NGINX Cache mechanism which involves storing static content in memory for a short time. 

Companies like WP Engine, Kinsta, Flywheel or take any other top managed services charges extra for overusage and limits each plan under certain traffic views.
However, Liquid Web promises no overage fees, traffic limits on any of its plans. This can be one of the impressive thing why I settled with their Managed WordPress hosting.

Apart from that, it also allows customers to purge cache to delete the cached content and force updated content. Users can also monitor their Liquid Web sites' performance, diagnose and resolve issues using the New Relic Performance Monitoring. However, you need a license key to use this feature.


In the Nexcess Access tab, you can view and change your SSH / SFTP credentials. For more security, you can set your FTP Client to work through SSL/TLS with explicit encryption. Besides, it allows users to use the site's domain as the mail server for all usernames for strong security.

Under the Nexcess Domain Options tab, customers can add a domain to forward your traffic to your Master domain. The Environment tab is where users can enable or disable the WordPress auto-updates. 

CMS Environment Settings

However, I would advise you to enable your WordPress auto-updates as this can make your site secure from vulnerable attacks. 

One can make changes like Php versions, SSL, backups with one click while it almost take 4-5 click going through various pages in cPanel to make those changes.

SSL Options

Adding an SSL certificate is pretty simple and all you have to do is get to the SSL tab. Over there, customers can add an SSL Certificate by Let's Encrypt to your site and once added, it will get automatically renewed. 

Besides the primary domain, customers can enable SSL for the other domains from their domains list, in this tab itself. Domains will appear here after you point their DNS to your IP address.


Checking the logs is, as always, a very wise approach to your Liquid Web site's security.

The Logs tab of Nexcess dashboard saves all the logs for customers to view them anytime they want. This can also help you find out if there is anything suspicious going on in your account. 

Scheduled Tasks

Using the Scheduled Tasks feature, users can schedule a few important tasks and can actually assign a day, and frequency to your task.


The MySQL tab allows you to manage your databases. Once you get there, you can launch the phpMyAdmin panel. Using this, you can perform various operations right from your browser whenever required.

Email Hosting ( My Favorite)

The Email allows you to create your email accounts, access your Webmail to send and receive. Customers can also set Email alias.

As far as I remember no other managed WordPress hosting provider offers email hosting services.


Stencils in Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting might be a new word for a lot of you but it is surely not very difficult to comprehend.What Nexcess Stencils feature does is allow you to create copies of your site in just a few minutes for deploying somewhere else as a template. It is also important to bear in mind that you would not be able to edit it unless you deploy it as a template somewhere.


You can find the backups of your Liquid Web site by getting over to the Backups tab and in addition to that, you can restore a backup version of your site by making a request to the Nexcess support team.

Liquid Web offers 30 days of free backup copies while competitors limits up to 14 days.

Visual Comparison

The Visual Comparison is certainly a very innovative feature that users are going to have with Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting. This feature adds more security to your site by comparing two different versions of your site; before and after installing updates by performing the updates within the sandbox. 

This helps the team find out if there is anything suspicious about the plugins. In case something suspicious is found, customers will be made aware of it and asked for their approval for the update to be installed.


You can have the Liquid Web Managed WordPress plans at $29/mo with 1 site support (Utilize the 25% Live Offer). As far as the Nexcess Support goes, it offers assistance through tickets, email, and phone. As Liquid Web scales up its Managed Services With Nexcess Partnership, things are going to be a lot better for the users in all aspects and further, the Nexcess interface is unimaginably user-friendly.

Uptime & Response Time

Here is the reports after moved my site to Liquid Web, the response time is reduced from 600ms to 250ms. The uptime too great with 100% till now.


While I planed to move my site, every hosting service has huge limitations either on disk space, traffic limits, restrictions on plugin usage, no email hosting and no auto scaling. However, Liquid Web satisfied all my requirements with 2x more offering than competitors. 

All I can say, Liquid Web should be your choice for Managed services as they're truly the #1 Managed WordPress hosting in in the industry for 2020. 

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