How to Save Money on Web Hosting Renewals?

The hardest part of online marketers is hosting renewals. You might get hosting for $3.95/month and the renewal prices will be like $9.95/month and it surely a lot of money needs to spend.

However, at Hostingstep we bring you an exclusive guide on how to save money during web hosting renewals for your WordPress blogs.

Despite the fact that a lot of hosting companies offer pretty affordable pricing for their plans to start with, they charge a pretty high renewal if you aren't clever enough to spot it right in time.

We are pretty much aware as to how a lot of newbies get carried away easily by the exaggeration of a lot of web hosting companies.

We have been doing a bit of research for quite some time.

Finally, we decided to come up with this post to guide you on how to save Money on Web Hosting renewals. Hence, if you are looking forward to saving money on Web Hosting renewals, make sure you read this post till the end.

How to Save Money on Web Hosting Renewals

Aren’t you fond of saving money just like others? You certainly are, right? Then, why are you so oblivious to the ways we can save money on Hosting renewals?

Over the years, we have known a lot of people who actually didn’t mind paying heavy renewals or maybe we should say they haven’t really thought of it.

Saving is as good as earning and it’s no point paying an extra charge for anything as long as you can get it at a much lower price.

Of course, this holds true for web hosting as well and here’s are the best three Ways to Save Money on Hosting Renewals:

Payment: Monthly, Annually or 36 Months?

Even though a lot of web hosting companies such as A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, or TMDHosting seem to offer to host plans to start with at a much lower price than the actual price, the reality is a bit different than what it apparently seems to be.

One can never expect this discount on a monthly plan and the best one can do to enjoy more discount is choose a 24 months or 36 months payment.

The dilemma that most of the people face often faces is the fact that as one chooses 24 months or 36 months payment, it turns out to be a pretty huge amount to invest all of a sudden. It may be a bit difficult for a few of you to obtain the full amount but we still recommend you to go with either 24 months or 36 months payment as this is really worth it in the long run.

You can start with a hosting plan in A2 Hosting at a price as low as $3.92/mo which used to $7.99/mo. In GreenGeeks, you can start a hosting plan at just 3.95/mo for a plan which used to be 9.95/mo before and in TMDHosting, you can start with a hosting plan at a price as low as $2.95/mo which used to be $8.95/mo.

However, to enjoy this huge discount, you can either choose 24 months payment or 36 months payment and choosing a monthly hosting payment may get even expensive.

A Proper Comparison of Features, Pricing, Discounts, and Renewals

Another brilliant way to save money is to compare the hosting plans of different hosting companies in terms of their features, pricing and of course, the renewals. If you are pretty new to Web Hosting and aren’t too sure of all the available web hosting companies, don’t worry; we will make it really simple for you to comprehend it.

HostingStep tests hosting plans of various hosting companies to always help you keep up with the best hosting plans and hosting companies.

Here are three brilliant companies and their data for you to compare:

A2 Hosting

  • Uptime: 98.98%

  • Speed: 420ms

  • Support:  5

  • Data Loc: 8

  • Price: $3.95

  • Deal: $3.92


  • Uptime: 98.99%

  • Speed: 344ms

  • Support:  5

  • Data Loc: 5

  • Price: $9.95

  • Deal: $3.95


  • Uptime: 98.97%

  • Speed:     286ms

  • Support:  5

  • Data Loc: 4

  • Price: $7.99

  • Deal: $2.95

Apart from the pricing, it is always wise to try out the various hosting plans to find the right hosting for your website in terms of features. After all, everything will simply fall flat on its face if the features aren’t up to the mark.

Fastcomet: Renewal Price Same as the Buying Price

We tested many hosting plans of many web hosting companies and interestingly, FastComet is quite a brilliant web hosting company in terms of both pricing and features.

Needless to say, FastComet has the right mix of simplicity, security, and performance. Furthermore, it offers great transparency of pricing with no hidden charges.

What’s most fascinating about this Company is the fact that the renewal price of the FastComet hosting plans stays the same as the buying price.

However, this doesn’t hold true for the other Web Hosting companies and in some Web Hosting companies, the renewal price is pretty high.


We started HostingStep with a view to helping many people with the right approach towards buying hosting and also, we have been pretty successful over the years.

We hope this post will make things a lot easier for many of you as well as help you save money on hosting renewals.

The three ways that we mentioned in this post aren’t really that difficult to follow and in fact, anyone can save money on hosting using these three steps. We suggest that you read it over and over again just in case you don’t fully comprehend it at once.

At the same time, for those who are looking for a web hosting plan with the same renewal price as the buying price, there can’t be a better option than FastComet.

With FastComet, users can rest assured of great transparency of both pricing and features.

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