Web Hosting Testing Parameters & Analysis – Buyers Guide

How HostingStep works ?

  • I signed with multiple hosting companies and bought an hosting account.
  • Created a domain and started hosting the demo websites at each hosting companies.
  • All demo sites are installed with default WordPress CMS
  • I started monitoring uptime, response time and other parameters.
  • The rest is history.

How much money HostingStep Spend ?

    • As a customer, I signed up with multiple companies costing over $1500 every year (we are adding more companies this year)
    • I'm using premium tools to monitor uptime, response time and its costs over $300 every year.

Talk something about testing process...

We always believe in Performance-based results.

That mean Live Raw Data.

We bring you the live data of various web hosting companies through our in-depth testing parameters.

    1. Sucuri – This renowned tool helps us to determine the performance of the site across the globe. It gives the data of how fast the site loads in different parts of the world. This is our crucial test which analyzes the response time of our demo sites.
    1. ByteCheck – It’s a tool that determines how much time it takes to load the first byte. The faster the first byte, faster the website loads. We consider this tool performs an essential function to check our demo sites performance
    1. Uptime Robot – The master tool in monitoring the uptime of websites. It notifies us if any of our demo test sites goes down and we mention the same in our reviews. We also use this tool to monitor the response time along with Sucuri. The reason is simple; Uptimerobot provides average response time values for months and years so that it helps us to analyze the average response time of demo test sites for months.

I use affiliate links at Hostingstep. Without revenue none of the business model works. WikiPedia gets donations, tech sites like Forbes displays ads to get revenue and recently, Quora too started displaying ads to fetch revenue for their business and I hope you people won't mind for using affiliate links at Hostingstep.com

The revenue we obtain is used to pay the monthly recurring costs for hosting accounts on different companies ​and testing tools. We use the money to purchase new hosting accounts and also we too share a small amount of money among the people behind Hostingstep to coverup the costs for Internet connections, Co-Working spaces and daily needs.