We’ve bought and tested over 25 WordPress hosting services till now. Based on my experience, some hosting providers offer greater speed but lack in user experience and customer support. There are times when they have not so great performance but offer greatest customer support. So, it’s not a cakewalk to find the perfect best fitting managed WordPress hosting for your needs.

With over a decade of experience in testing hosting services, we consider the following criterias to find the best Managed WordPress hosting services. The criterias are Performance, pricing, features, user experience and customer support.


  • Performance – 9/10
  • Pricing – 8/10
  • Features – 10/10
  • User Experience – 10/10
  • Customer support – 10/10

Kinsta is the overall best Managed WordPress Hosting service we’ve tested so far. Our 365 days of test data shows Kinsta offers excellent TTFB and uptime throughout the year. Kinsta handled the load test with ease better than its competitors, thanks to Edge caching powered by Cloudflare Enterprise. It has recorded a highest hardware score of 8.6 out of 10 with Google Cloud C2 Machines. The company also promised to upgrade all customers to new powerful C3D machines which is further expected to improve the hardware performance. It’s noted that Kinsta is the only service to offer these powerful machines.

It has got some of the industry best features like APM to self-identify the performance issues on your WordPress sites. Kinsta offers its service from all the 37 Google Cloud data centers across the globe, making way to host your sites close to your target audience. The tool sections give access to some of my favorite features like WordPress debugging, search and replace, PHP settings, Geolocation, etc. This section alone proves why they deserve to be called as the truly one of top managed Wordpress services.

Kinsta continually innovates its user experience. In fact, they made several improvements to their dashboard in the last few years. All the options are neatly placed under clear titles, making a new user familiar within a day. All the options come with question symbols and when clicking, it opens to a knowledgeable base article on the same page, without opening an extra tab. All these little improvements amuses me everytime I work on the Kinsta dashboard.

Kinsta plan starts at $35/month for single site hosting. The customer support is usually good and nothing more to complain about.

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