Best Managed WordPress Hosting

10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting in 2022

Picking the best managed WordPress hosting is not an easy task.

In this article, we will present a comprehensive list of the best managed WordPress hosting services.

We hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to quickly choose the most ideal Managed WordPress hosting service as per your needs. So, let's quickly get this started!

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

1. WP Engine

WP Engine is a speedy, reliable, and secure web hosting network that is economically affordable. It helps businesses of all sizes improve their digital experience. If you're a business that does not want to engage in the technical part of running your website, then WP Engine is the best choice for you. 

Speed And Performance

Talking about the performance of WP Engine, it is an exceptionally reliable platform in terms of performance. When it came to the server's response time, in the last test I did on my WP Engine site using the Pingdom tool, the site had an average server response time of 374ms, which is a good speed for any website.

In terms of WPEngine uptime, the site had a safe uptime of 99.99 percent during evaluation, with only a 6-minute downtime and a single outage. As a result, with WP Engine, you can expect fast loading speeds for your websites.

If load handling is something you are concerned about, then WP Engine does amazingly well in this regard. To determine the load handling capabilities, we ran load testing on the site, where we sent 1000 concurrent visitors in under a minute and watched how it responded. During the Clients Per Test (1000 clients in 1 minute), our WP Engine site recorded 40 ms, indicating good traffic handling. 

While evaluating the WP Engine Global TTFB, we tested our site by pinging it from 10 different places around the world, and it had a decent TTFB across all ten locations, with an average TTFB of 462.05 ms, making it is an excellent choice for sites that cater to a global audience.

We also tested our WP Engine sites, and our site recorded a Largest Contentful Paint of 0.737 s, Total Blocking Time of 0 ms, and Cumulative Layout Shift of 0. 

Key Features

WP Engine offers more than 19 data center locations to its customers located worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Indeed, the WP Engine web host provider has advanced features like Global CDN, which delivers site content to your visitors based on their location to increase site speed and performance. 

Other than that, you will be able to receive stunning easy, mobile responsive WordPress digital experiences with 36 premium StudioPress themes powered by the WP Engine Genesis Platform. By utilizing its Auto Migration plugin, you can quickly transfer your site completely free, without downtime. 

Besides, WP Engine offers daily backups of your site and has a one-click restoration feature to get your backup. The staging site feature of the service allows you to create a clone version of your site and test out various changes on it without affecting your live site. 

Some of the other notable features of WP Engine are: 

  • A free SSL certificate to keep your site safe and secure.
  • Fantastic support for staging sites
  • One-click wordpress installation
  • Automated plugin updates


WP Engine is one of those services with a comprehensive security framework in place, backed by code reviews, managed core updates, patches, SSL-certified traffic encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Disaster Recovery, Threat Detection & Blocking, and more. The host continuously monitors the traffic going on your site and automatically detects any potential threat or attacks. 

Customer Support

24/7 WP Engine support is available with quick and dependable WordPress professionals from Ireland and the United States, who can assist customers via live chat and phone. If you need more assistance and information, you can refer to their comprehensive knowledge base consisting of helpful guides and tutorials. 


  • The startup package: The hosting plans of WP Engine begin at $25 per month that include a single site, 25000 monthly visitors, 10 GB local storage, and 50 GB bandwidth. 
  • The professional package: This plan costs $49 per month and includes three sites, 75000 monthly visitors, 12 GB bandwidth, and 15 GB of storage. 
  • The growth plan: This plan is priced at $95 per month and includes 10 sites, 100,000 visitors, 200 GB bandwidth, and 20 GB storage. 
  • The Scale plan: The Scale plan will cost you $241 per month. This plan will get 30 websites, 400,000 visitors, 500 GB bandwidth, and 50 GB storage space.
  • The Custom plan: In the custom plan, you will get 30 sites along with millions of visitors per month, 400 GB+ bandwidth, and 100 GB+ storage. 


  • Extremely fast loading time
  • Professional WordPress Support 
  • More than 36 premium studiopress themes are available 
  • Over 55000 wordpress plugins, including Yoast SEO and Classic Editors


  • It only works with WordPress. So, if you have any other content management system, it is of no use to you. 
  • No domains or email hosting 
  • Expensive hosting plans.

Overall, WP Engine is a great WordPress host for all types of small, medium, and large businesses with such good hosting performance, high uptime, and an auto-scalable framework.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta was launched in 2013 and is the fastest managed WordPress hosting for sites that require a lot of processing power. It possesses all the speed and scaling benefits you would expect from a cloud-based host. 

It manages its cutting-edge technology services with professionalism and exceptional customer service. The host has recently changed its user interface and made it a very sleek and friendly one. 

Speed and Performance 

Kinsta is known for its outstanding performance in terms of server response time. The Kinsta platform had an average server response time of just 360 ms, a breakneck loading speed. Whether you run a small or large business, this service will provide you with a high uptime; our Kinsta site had a 99.99 percent uptime when we tested it.

Kinsta has a high load-carrying capacity as well. In load testing, we sent 500 and 1000 clients to the Kinsta site simultaneously for one minute. Our site had a response time of 33 ms (1000 clients in 1 minute) in the Clients Per Test, implying that the platform is fit for high-traffic websites.  

The most impressive thing about Kinsta is its global TTFB. In our recent global TTFB test, the service had an average TTFB of 496.86 ms in all the 10 locations that we used. Thus, the sites run on this platform can receive traffic from worldwide. Considering the Core Web Vitals of Kinsta, my Kinsta site had a ‘Largest Contentful Paint' of 0.787s, ‘Cumulative Layout Shift' of 0, and a ‘Total Blocking Time' of 0 ms that is responsible for delivering users a fantastic user experience when they visit your site. 

Key Features

Like WP Engine, Kinsta too has a lot of fine advanced features. Firstly, Kinsta hosts your sites in an environment powered by the Google Cloud Platform. There will be 29 Google Cloud data centers available to choose from closest to your target audience. 

Kinsta's staging is also highly user-friendly, and the host provides a dedicated staging function that allows users to quickly create staging sites to test a variety of essential modifications. Furthermore, Kinsta makes deploying final updates to the live site a breeze. 

The backup strategy of Kinsta is incredibly dependable as it provides users with free automated daily backups and the ability to restore backup points at any time.

Other features of Kinsta include:

  • Simple setup and migration 
  • Easy to install wordpress 
  • SSL support and hardware firewalls
  • Optimized for ecommerce sites


Kinsta takes proper active and passive measures to ensure the safety of your site from malicious attacks, including DDOs Scanning, GCP firewall, resource isolation, and Google's high-security network.

Customer Support

Kinsta has a fantastic customer support service staff with the best executives, and the Kinsta WordPress support team has done an exceptional job of assisting many clients over the years. The experts help consumers 24/7 via email and live chat.


  • Starter plans: This plan starts at $25 per month and comes with one wordpress install, 25000 visitors, and 10 GB disk space. 
  • Pro plans: The pro plan costs $50 per month and includes two wordpress installs along with 50,000 visitors and 20 GB disk space. 
  • Business plans: This plan is for $83 per month for five wordpress installs, 100,000 visitors, and 30 GB disk space. 
  • Enterprise plans: This plan begins with $500 per month for 60 wordpress installs, 1,000,000 visitors, and 100 GB disk space. 


  • Four types of catching include server-level catching and wordpress caching plugin.
  • Professional WordPress Support 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Automatic database optimization 


  • No email hosting is available. 
  • There is no phone support. 
  • No other CMS supported 
  • Some wordpress plugins are banned. 

3. Nexcess

Nexcess is another top rated managed WordPress hosting service for small businesses, blogs, ecommerce sites, and digital agencies. It is a subsidiary of Liquid Web hosting that particularly hosts managed WordPress and Woocommerce hosting plans. Nexcess is an ideal hosting solution for anyone who wants to build a website without worrying about any security or stability issues. 

Speed and Performance

Nexcess' performance was tested and confirmed to be satisfactory. The response time of their server is 374 milliseconds. With a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee on all of the host's solutions, you can ensure that every website hosted on any Nexcess hosting service will work flawlessly. 

To determine whether Nexcess can be relied on for high-traffic sites, we did load testing on my Nexcess site using three types of load testing to check how it handled the traffic. The site reported 76 milliseconds in Clients Per Test (1000 clients in 1 minute), 69 milliseconds in Maintain Client Load (500 clients in 1 minute), and 398 milliseconds in Maintain Client Load (1000 clients in 1 minute). The result made the hosting platform fairly dependable for high-traffic sites.

Overall, Nexcess has dependable global TTFB and can be relied upon for sites that rely on traffic from numerous international locations. When we put Nexcess' Global TTFB to the test by pinging out the Nexcess site from ten different places worldwide, the site performed admirably, with an average TTFB of 544.15 ms in the majority of regions. Finally, because the Core Web Vitals of the sites largely influence the user experience, we tested the Core Web Vitals of the Nexcess site, and it recorded ‘Largest Content Paint' of 0.654 s, a ‘Total Blocking Time' of 0 ms, and a ‘Cumulative Layout Shift' of 0. 

Key Features

Coming to Nexcess features, Nexcess operates eight data centers across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Nexcess's staging site feature is relatively straightforward and lets you quickly set up a staging environment for your site. The service also comes with an in-built Edge CDN that uses its massive global network to offer sites an exceptionally fast-loading experience. 

Another unique feature of Nexcess is Visual Comparison Tab, which is extremely useful for testing updates on your site. Whenever you update a plugin on your site, this feature will automatically test a visual comparison of your site before and after the plugin update to detect any issues. 

Other than that, Nexcess Auto Scaling handles any traffic spikes while preserving speed, security, and a positive client experience. Further, Nexcess offers daily automatic backups, which you can easily access from the ‘Backups' area. 

Other features of Nexcess include:

  • Free site migrations 
  • Built-in server catching 
  • Built-in image compression 
  • PHP 7 supports Nginx and Image compression for the fastest loading speed. 


Nexcess has a robust security system with features such as iThemes Security Pro and constant server monitoring on all its plans for free. You can keep your DNS records fast, safe, and stable with multiple redundancies and extensive security measures offered by Nexcess. 

Customer Support 

Nexcess provides prompt and courteous 24/7 customer service by live chat and phone, backed by knowledgeable and skilled experts.


All the seven different Nexcess plans offer excellent speed, security, scalability, and customer service. The plans are as follows:

  • Spark: The entry-level plan of Nexcess starts at $19 per month and includes one domain hosting, 15 GB Disk space, 2TB Bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. 
  • Maker: The maker plan is priced at $79 per month and comes with 5 domain names, 40GB disk space, 3TB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.
  • Designer: This plan costs $109 per month for 10 sites, 60GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.
  • Builder: The builder plan starts at $149 per month, including 25 domain names, 100GB disk space, 5TB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.
  • Producer: This plan starts at $299 per month, where you will get 50 domain names, 300GB disk space, 5TB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.
  • Executive: This plan is for $549 per month with 100 domain names, 500GB disk space, 10TB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.
  • Enterprise: The highest level plan of Nexcess costs $999 per month for 250 domain names, 800GB disk space, 10TB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.


  • Integrated free CDN services 
  • Free SSL certificate and support
  • Easy to access control panel
  • No arbitrary visit limits.
  • 14-days free trial 


  • The customer support isn't as responsive. 
  • Email hosting is only available on the ‘Spark' Plan. 

4. Rocket is strong, all-in-one managed, most preferred Cloudflare CDN-powered Fast WordPress hosting provider. The company was founded in 2020 by Ben Gabler and Aaron Dewell Phillips to optimize the wordpress experience for users. So, if you are looking for easy-to-use, built-in security, and excellent customer support, then is a suitable hosting choice for your business. 

Speed and Performance 

The results of the performance of my site hosted on this platform have been fascinating. The Rocket has an unfathomably outstanding performance. has a server response time of 268 ms and a 100% uptime. We have also verified the platform's capability in terms of load handling, as evidenced by recent load testing on our site. Clients per test (1000 clients in 1 Minute) took 16 milliseconds, Maintain Client Load (500 clients in 1 Minute) took 60 milliseconds, and Maintain Client Load (1000 clients in 1 Minute) took 14 milliseconds. In conclusion, even the most extreme traffic surges will not affect your site if it is hosted with

With an average acceptable TTFB of 158.28 ms across all worldwide locations, the service makes it an excellent platform for sites that want to attract visitors worldwide. The platform also offers excellent Core Web Vitals, which assist sites in providing an exceptional user experience. My site recorded 2.6 seconds of Largest Contentful Paint. 

Key Features 

There are numerous features available on this fantastic WordPress managed hosting platform. You can host your website in's 20+ global data centers, including those in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. You will be able to have access to all Cloudflare Edge locations around these countries. 

All Rocket plans include both automated and manual backups for free. You can set up the staging environment on with a single click. 

 Aside from that, includes a Cloudflare Enterprise CDN solution with all plans for free. Because most other hosting providers only offer the basic version, this should not be mistaken for the Cloudflare CDN that most other hosting companies provide.

Other features of include:

  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Free SSL support 
  • 1-click wordpress install
  • 200+ Global CDN locations 
  • Inbuilt NGINX server and PHP Version 7.4 


While examining's security system, we noticed that it was highly reliable and robust. With specialized features like WordPress Website Firewall, Automated WP Core, Plugin, Theme Updates, and Hack & Malware Protection, you can unquestionably anticipate the safest hosting environment possible.

Customer Support 

There are a lot of wordpress users not familiar with the technicalities of managing a website. Therefore, you would want a hosting service with excellent customer support so that you can contact them when needed. offers highly responsive 24/7 customer support service through live chat, phone, and email. 


Regarding pricing plans, Rocket offers four distinct options, and all of the tiers include the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN for free. 

  • Starter: The cheapest plan starts at $30 per month with one wordpress site hosting option, 250 000 visits, and 10 GB storage. 
  • Pro: The pro plan starts at $60 per month with 3 wordpress install, 1,000,000 visits, and 20 GB storage. 
  • Business: The business plan costs $100 per month and comes with 10 WordPress Installs, 2,500,000 visitors, and 40 GB of storage space. 
  • Agency: The agency plan is priced at $200 per month and includes 25 WordPress Installs, 5,000,000 visits, and 0 GB storage. 


  • Only host powered by Cloudflare Enterprise network 
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Fast and optimized servers 
  • 30-days money-back guarantee 


  • Email hosting is not available. 
  • No free domain.
  • Not reasonable for beginners 
  • Works with WordPress only 
  • Customer support is not that useful. 

5. Cloudways

Cloudways is another managed WordPress hosting service with simple, quick, and convenient options to create, deploy, scale, and manage your WordPress site. It allows you to select from the five platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, and Google Cloud Platform. 

Speed and Performance

Cloudways has integrated with some top cloud hosting providers in the industry, so you can entirely rely on its performance. Our Cloudways site had a relatively constant uptime of 99.99 percent in various performance tests, with an average server response time of 309 milliseconds. The service has exceptional load handling capabilities and can easily be relied on for high-traffic sites. In the Clients Per Test (1000 Clients in 1 Minute), the Cloudways site took 10 ms, the Maintain Client Load (1000 Clients in 1 Minute) took 1268ms, and the Maintain Client Load (500 Clients in 1 Minute) took 168ms. 

My Cloudyways site recorded a Largest Contentful Paint of 0.583 s, a Total Blocking Time of 0 s, and a Cumulative Layout Shift of 0. Cloudways also has an excellent worldwide TTFB record of 390.15ms, perfect for websites that receive traffic from various international locales. In addition, the site displayed brilliant core web vitals, ensuring a positive user experience for your site's visitors.

Key Features 

Coming to Cloudways' features, the service is available in 60+ different data center locations, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Therefore, giving you the option to choose your desired location based on your target audience. It also comes with an in-built CDN powered by Cloudflare Enterprise for excellent content delivery. 

Aside from that, the host has a solid backup system in place, with free daily scheduled backups and simple restoration. It also provides a free single-click site staging function that allows you to test changes on your site before making them live.

Other features of Cloudways include:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free one-time migration 
  • Advanced cache optimization 
  • 1- click WordPress install 


Cloudways also includes a specialized security system with extensive security features such as Let's Encrypt SSL, IP Whitelisting, Two-Factor Authentication, Regular Security Patching, and DDoS Bot prevention. 

Customer Support

Cloudways provides a very dependable 24/7 customer support service via live chat, phone calls, tickets, and an extensive knowledge base to take reference from. Furthermore, the service offers a dependable support crew of educated and trained executives who can assist consumers with their problems.


The pricing plan of the host starts at $10 monthly with a free 3-day trial. The most popular Cloudways plans for each provider are the following:

  • Digital Ocean: It starts at $10 per month. 
  • Linode: It costs $12 per month. 
  • Vultr: The plan starts at $11 per month. 
  • Amazon Web Services: The plan starts at $36.51 per month
  • Google Cloud: It starts at $33.63 per month


  • Support various apps 
  • 3-days free trial 
  • Simple and intuitive UI


  • It doesn't offer domain registration. 
  • No email accounts 
  • Customer support can be improved 
  • CDN is not free.

6. Templ

Templ is a Google Cloud-powered WordPress hosting provider. It is a Swedish based company that offers many features, excellent performance, and qualified customer support to its users. If you're looking for an affordable hosting provider, you should try 

Speed and Performance

The numerous performance tests that we ran on our Templ site using the Pingdom tool showed that the host performs admirably, with a 100% uptime guarantee and an average server response time of 309 ms. The site offers exceptional load handling capacity. When I did load testing on my Templ site, my site recorded 33 ms in the Clients Per Test (1000 Clients in 1 minute), 32 ms in the Maintain Client Load (500 Clients in 1 Minute), and 71 ms in the Maintain Client Load (1000 Clients in 1 Minute).

Moreover, Templ offers a fantastic Global TTFB, making it ideal for websites with visitors from various countries. My Templ site has performed amazingly in 10 global locations with an average TTFB of 353.69 ms. It also contains good core web vitals that aid sites in providing a positive user experience. My Templ site recorded a ‘Largest Contentful Paint' of 0.583 s, Total Blocking Time of 0 s, and Cumulative Layout Shift of 0.

Key Features 

Considering its features, Templ has over 20 Google Cloud Platform server locations and 8 future regions that are currently in the development stage. So, you can host your website as nearly as possible to your target audience and even switch your data center when required. 

It has a simple free staging site feature that makes it easy to clone an existing WordPress site. It also has a dedicated free scheduled daily backup, with each backup maintained for 30 days. 

Furthermore, it is the only host that includes Google CDN and DNS as part of its plans for faster content delivery. 

Other features of Templ include:

  • Free site migrations 
  • Free WordPress Installation 
  • Free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt
  • Auto-scaling feature 


In terms of security, Templ offers several sophisticated security service choices, including malware-check, managed security, and automatic daily backups. By default, Templ also disables XML-RPC, which is popular among hackers to target WordPress sites. 

Aside from that, the platform employs isolated environments with restricted access, vulnerability detection and removal, and code reviews. 

Customer Support

Templ's friendly and professional customer care team is readily available to assist customers with any technical concerns or issues. Customers can contact the Templ 24/7 professional support team via live chat, phone, or email. The service promises to respond to customers' inquiries within a few minutes and no more than 15 minutes. 


The service of the Templ has five different hosting plans to choose from:

  • Micro: The lowest plan of Templ is available for as little as $15 per month for 5 GB SSD storage and 10 GB bandwidth. 
  • Small: This plan costs $29 per month and includes a 10 GB SSD with 20 GB bandwidth. 
  • Small Plus: You can avail of this plan for $54 per month and get 18 GB SSD and 40 GB bandwidth. 
  • Medium: The Medium Plan is priced at $79 per month and comes with 25 GB SSD and 80 GB bandwidth. 
  • Large: You will get 50 GB SSD and 160 GB bandwidth for $149 per month in this plan. 


  • Server-side caching 
  • Developer-friendly tools 
  • Great user interface 
  • Versatile and affordable web host


  • The Control panel needs improvement 
  • No email hosting.

7. DreamPress

DreamPress is yet another high-performance, managed WordPress hosting platform that has been available since 1996. The hosting offers high speed, built-in caching, robust applications, and excellent customer service to its customers. The hosting service is highly secure and trustworthy, and it also includes several valuable tools.

Speed and Performance 

DreamPress runs reasonably, which is good enough for growing enterprises. In various performance tests, the DreamPress sites recorded an average of 358 milliseconds in the server response time test. While testing the service's uptime showed 100 percent, indicating that DreamPress is a very dependable hosting provider.

The service has also performed admirably in load handling tests. We sent 500 and 1000 clients at the same time. The Clients Per Test (1000 Clients in 1 Minute) took 89 ms, the Maintain client load took 173 ms (1000 clients in 1 minute), and the Maintain client load (500 clients in 1 minute) took 95 ms. All these imply that DreamPress is a fantastic platform for handling the increasing traffic of websites. 

We also evaluated the service's global TTFB to see if it is adequate for sites that receive traffic from multiple global locations. While monitoring the DreamPress site from ten different places, its average TTFB showed a consistent 593.588 across all of those places. 

Key Features

DreamPress has a lot of useful features. It has two data center locations and includes a JetPack-powered Unlimited CDN that can aid in the distribution of high-quality content. 

Another essential feature of DreamPress is Dynamic Memory Scaling, which enables your WordPress website to handle an instant increase in traffic and operate efficiently. 

With its FREE 1-Click Staging, DreamPress makes staging incredibly simple. It also provides a fantastic free and on-demand backup system with daily backups and easy restoration.

Other features of DreamPress include: 

  • Free site migration 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Inbuilt caching system


DreamPress' security system is also incredibly dependable, with Free Domain Privacy, SSL Certificates, JetPack Pre-Installed, and Automatic Core and Security WordPress Updates.

Customer Support

They have a fantastic 24/7 customer support service team that includes some of the most experienced executives in the industry who strive to assist customers with their technical concerns by phone, live chat, and ticket.


There are three managed WordPress hosting plans available with DreamPress: 

  • DreamPress: The lowest basic plan starts at $16.95 monthly for 100 k monthly visitors and 30 GB of storage space. 
  • DreamPress Plus: The second plan of DreamPress costs $24.95 per month and comes with 300k monthly visitors, 60 GB SSD, and unlimited CDN usage. 
  • DreamPress Pro: This plan comes at $71.95 per month and includes 1M+ monthly visits, 120 GB SSD space, unlimited CDN usage, and DreamCare site monitoring and troubleshooting feature. 


  • Free domain name 
  • Free email hosting 
  • The Control panel is user friendly 
  • 30-days money-back guarantee 


  • Lacks multi-site support 
  • The live chat option is ineffective. 

8. Flywheel

Flywheel is an equally fantastic managed WordPress hosting solution on the Google Cloud Platform. Apart from its hosting features, Flywheel is popularly known as a valuable tool for freelancers, designers, and agencies. 

Speed and Performance 

The sites hosted on this platform are exceptionally fast, with consistent uptime of 100%. We also tested the server response time of the host using Pingdom, and our tested Flywheel website recorded an average server response time of 274 ms, which is good enough. 

Key Features 

Flywheel lets you choose from 10 data centers and offers a streamlined and optimized dashboard to manage your site efficiently. The service has a robust nightly automated backup system in place, which only takes a single click at any time to restore a backup copy and is included in all plans for no extra charge. 

Besides, the service comes with auto-healing technology, and all Flywheel plans include a free in-built Fastly CDN with full-page HTML caching. 

Other features of Flywheel include:

  • No manual installations
  • Free site migration 
  • One-click staging feature
  • White label add on to rebrand your experience 


Flywheel's approach to security is relatively straightforward and efficient as it includes free automatic WordPress updates, free SSL certificates, and free malware removal. 

Customer Support

When it comes to customer care, the host offers a fantastic, highly responsive, and devoted 24/7 support team crew that is quick and attentive to assisting customers with various technical concerns or issues via live chat and tickets.


Customers can start with either of the three different pricing plans options offered by Flywheel or a custom plan:

  • Tiny: The lowest Flywheel plan starts at $15 per month and includes 5000 monthly visits, 5GB of disk space, and 250GB of bandwidth.
  • Personal: The personal plan of Flywheel costs $30 per month for 25k monthly visits, 10GB of disk space, and 500GB of bandwidth.
  • Professional: The professional plan is priced at $75/month and includes 100k monthly visits, 20GB of disk space, and 1TB of bandwidth.

Flywheel offers other plans, specifically for resellers and people who need multiple WordPress installations. 


  • Powerful infrastructure 
  • Easy collaboration
  • Advanced features for freelancers and agencies 
  • Well designed and intuitive control panel


  • No free domain
  • No email hosting 
  • Limited hosting options 
  • Comparatively expensive.

9. WPX

WPX Hosting was established in 2013 and became popular with allround reviews from customers worldwide. With its site management, advanced features, incredible speed, stability, and security, WPX Hosting is one of the excellent web hosting service providers.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of a fast-loading website, then WPX is the best hosting option for your site. 

Speed and Performance

After creating a site with WPX to test its performance, we began regularly checking the server response time. According to the most recent check, the site had a decent average server response time of 407ms. While running a test for the uptime of our WPX site, it came back with a perfect 100% score. 

During load testing on the WPX site, we sent 500 and 1000 concurrent visitors to the site in one minute and watched how it handled the volume. Clients Per test (1000 clients in 1 minute) took 28 ms, and Maintain Client Load took 222 ms (500 clients in 1 minute). The result suggests that customers can rely on WPX for high-traffic sites. 

Another crucial component of WPX that requires special attention is the Global TTFB since sites rely on traffic from different global locations. In the test, the TTFB of the WPX site had a decent average TTFB of 440.481 ms across ten other places throughout the world. 

User experience is another requisite considered for website ranking. My WPX site recorded a Largest Contentful Paint of 0.601 s, a Total Blocking Time of 0 s, and a Cumulative Layout Shift of 0 in the Core Web Vitals test. 

Key Features 

Among the many advanced features of this service, users can choose from three different data center locations. WPX Cloud CDN is also included for free with all tiers with 26 endpoints. The CDN helps in loading content from a nearby server enabling your websites to load extremely fast. 

WPX has automated free daily backups on all plans, which are kept for 28 days before being deleted. Customers get the opportunity to restore any backup copy at any moment during the 28 days.

Using the staging site with WPX is also very simple and straightforward. You can easily create a clone site with WPX to test various changes and merge it with the final site upon completion. 

Other features of WPX hosting are: 

  • Free SSL support 
  • Free site migration
  • One-click wordpress installation 


With the same significant level of email spam filtering, free SSL, automated WordPress updates, two-factor authentication, DDoS protection, malware scanning, and removal in all of the plans, WPX offers a strong security environment. It also has free malware clean-up on a daily basis in case your site is not designed safely, saving you a lot of money.

Customer Support

WPX has a decent customer support system that includes dedicated and knowledgeable experts who are available 24/7 to assist clients with their technical questions and difficulties by live chat and tickets.


WPX Hosting offers three fantastic plans: 

  • Business: The business plan is priced at $24.99 per month and includes 5 websites, 10 GB of Storage, and 100 GB of Bandwidth. 
  • Professional: The most popular plan of WPX is the mid-tier plan, which costs $49.99 a month for 15 websites, 20 GB of Storage, and 200 GB of Bandwidth. 
  • Elite: This plan starts at $99 per month and comes with 35 websites, 40 GB of Storage, and unlimited bandwidth. 


  • Free Add-ons 
  • Free domain 
  • Email hosting is available 
  • Simple and intuitive user interface 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • Little expensive compared to other hosts. 
  • It doesn't offer a traditional Cpanel. 

10. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most well-known names in the list of fastest managed WordPress hosting companies. Started in 1996, it offers various hosting plans for small to large-sized businesses with 24/7 customer support. 

Speed and Performance 

Moving on to Bluehost's performance, the service had an average server response time of 460 milliseconds and a 99.99 percent uptime reliability. 

The host has a high load handling capacity, as evidenced by the load tests we performed on our Bluehost site. The Clients Per Test (1000 clients in 1 minute) took 54 milliseconds, and the Maintain Client Load took 374 milliseconds (500 clients in 1 minute). 

Aside from that, the service has a fantastic global TTFB with an average TTFB of 438.82 ms and awesome core web vitals to provide a seamless user experience on your website. According to a recent test, my site recorded a ‘Largest Contentful Paint' of 1.080 s, a ‘Total Blocking Time' of 0.002 s, and a ‘Cumulative Layout Shift:' of 0.021 s.

Key Features

Bluehost has only one data center location in Utah in the USA. It offers a user-friendly, customizable cPanel that is simple to access and utilize. Bluehost's valuable features include a free Cloudflare CDN, which ensures that your website's content is delivered quickly no matter where your clients are located. 

Bluehost's staging site functionality allows you to test various modifications before publishing the final changes to your live site with a single click. Bluehost includes free automated daily backups with all of its plans when it comes to backups.

Other features of Bluehost include

  • Free domain name 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • 1-click WordPress install


Bluehost offers several powerful security system features, including resource protection, expert monitoring, traffic encryption, and automated malware scanning, all of which contribute to the site's overall security. Additional protection can be obtained through paid add-ons such as Domain Privacy and Sitelock. 

Customer Support

Similarly, the customer support service team of Bluehost is outstanding and has done an excellent job of aiding clients with their issues via live chat, phone support, and the ticket system over time. You can also take help from its extensive knowledge base with multiple FAQs, in-depth articles, blogs, and videos related to hosting. 


It comes with four outstanding pricing plan options appropriate for both small and large enterprises' hosting needs. 

  • Basic: Bluehost's most basic plan costs $4.95 per month and includes one website and 50 GB of SSD storage.
  • Plus: The Plus plan is for $6.95 per month and comes with unlimited websites and unlimited SSD Storage. 
  • Choice Plus: This plan is for $8.95 per month and includes unlimited websites and unlimited SSD Storage. 
  • Pro: The Pro plan of Bluehost costs $14.95 per month for unlimited websites, unlimited SSD Storage, free domain privacy, and free dedicated IP. 


  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Free email support
  • Optimized specifically for WordPress
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • Higher domain renewal cost
  • Upselling Add-ons
  • No free site migration 

Buyers Guide

Among so many hosting varieties that are available, including free, shared, dedicated, and VPS hosts, a managed WordPress host is preferable as its features leave aside the need for the technical aspects or details to the providers so you can easily focus on your business. 

Here's a comprehensive buyers guide to help you learn more about what exactly is managed WordPress hosting, its benefits, pros, and cons, and how it differs from shared hostings.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting and its benefits?

Managed WordPress hosting is a WordPress-specific solution that includes various tools, features, and assistance to help websites run more effectively, reliably, and quickly. While most hosting services leave the bulk of the work to you, managed hosting relieves you from the burden of keeping your site up and running. 

Other than that, it has several benefits, including:

  • Scalability and Reliability.
  • High speed and performance level. 
  • Stack of modern hosting services.
  • Security precautions are strict.
  • Perfect environments for staging. 
  • Access to valuable development resources
  • Expert assistance from WordPress professionals
  • Server administration options include automated updates, backups, installations, and more. 

Due to all these reasons, many website owners consider Managed WordPress hosting an appealing option. Nowadays, there are so many options that making a decision might be difficult. However, it is crucial to understand the best WordPress managed service for you will be the most effective one, which:

  • Enhances your site's speed and performance level.
  • Has provision for simple migration tools.
  • Allows you to expand your business.
  • Have a WordPress-experienced support team that can respond quickly.
  • Updates, as well as upgrades to the platform and servers, are quickly done in an automated manner.

Pros & Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

The main advantage of managed hosting is mainly that it necessitates less technical expertise. It will be your hosting provider's duty to keep your site running smoothly so you can concentrate on developing content, marketing your business, and other responsibilities that only you can handle. The other advantages of managed WordPress Hosts include:


  • Having control of your upgrades and updates. 
  • Enabling regular backups on your website for safety and reliability. 
  • Monitor your website for vulnerabilities and immediately address any detected problems or concerns.
  • Manages performance optimization to ensure that your website is always up and operating.
  • Customize the server to match your requirements when you are on a VPS or committed service.
  • Provide staging areas to enable you to evaluate modifications and testing in a secure environment.
  • Include a variety of assistance solutions to help you overcome your concerns.

Even with all these pros and the benefits mentioned before, Managed WordPress hosting has certain few drawbacks to it, which makes it problematic for many website owners. Some of those cons include: 


  • Managed WordPress hosting plans are far more expensive than unmanaged WordPress hosting. (The price you pay is primarily determined by where you purchase it.)
  • Managed hosting eliminates the opportunity to personalize your server and maximize the efficiency and reliability of your website on your own. Instead, it forces you to depend on your service provider. Whether or not this loss is a blessing or a burden will be determined by your requirements and the understanding you already possess regarding hostings.  
  • Specific managed WordPress hosts also block certain plugins, like content-based plugins related to database-intensive.

Managed WordPress hosting vs. Shared hosting

There are several ways in which Shared hosting differs from Managed WordPress hosting, making them more preferable than Shared hosting. The main differences are listed below:

  • Shared hosting is a hosting plan in which your website “shares” assets with other websites on the very same server. On the other hand, Managed WordPress hosting is a service that allows your service provider to “manage” your site and server for you, including duties like site updates. Every WordPress website will have its own dedicated server.
  • If you choose a DIY (or do-it-yourself) hosting service, your site will be hosted on more minimalistic systems or servers, and you will have to spend time installing software and optimizing your site to achieve the same speeds as a managed WordPress host. There will be nothing you can do to get the speeds you require on a shared host.
  • Automatic backups are always included in managed WordPress hosting package plans at little or no extra cost. However, backups are typically only available at a relatively high price in shared hosting plans. 
  • Managed WordPress hosting generally provides easy access to more developer-friendly functions such as Sequel Pro, Git, Composer, SSH access, and HeidiSQL. You won't be able to use any of these if you do not have SSH access in the case of the shared hosting servers.
  • Many of the shared hosting providers, especially the self-hosted VPS setups, won't be able to help you if you get hacked or infected with malware. You will be held accountable if your WordPress site gets hacked in such circumstances. However, on the other hand, numerous managed WordPress hosting services offer assistance if your site is hacked or requires protection from malware.

To establish your business online and earn profits, you have to manage anything and everything. This includes advertising, swift website hosting, social networking, protection, content generation, etc. 

Working out all of this is quite challenging and complex, and it can also get stressful and frustrating. However, remember that your company's reputation and growth should be your top priorities, and a managed WordPress host can help you achieve that.

So, choose the best managed WordPress hosting today and watch your business thrive online!

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