At Hostingstep, our goal is to provide transparent, data-driven web hosting reviews based on real performance data collected 24/7, 365 days a year.

We buy our own hosting accounts, set up WordPress test sites, monitor their performance, and then recommend the best hosting services. All the test sites are developed with a common setup consisting of the same WordPress themes, plugins, and PHP versions. Thus, all our hosting reviews are foolproof and can be verified with data.

Web hosting performance can vary from time to time due to several factors, like server overload and scheduled / unscheduled maintenance. While many review sites conduct one-time or short-term testing, those results can’t capture the real performance of hosting companies.

What sets Hostingstep apart from other review sites is our 24/7, 365 days a year of testing.

We truly capture the performance of hosting providers, for example, the WordPress test sites are pinged every 60 seconds once to measure the TTFB and Uptime. So, a total of 1440 checks are made in a day, 43800 checks in a month, and a whopping 525600 tests are done in a year to calculate the overall average TTFB and uptime.

How does Hostingstep measure the performance?

We use the industry’s best tools to measure different types of performance data. We use Pingdom synthetic monitoring to measure TTFB/Uptime, GTmetrix to measure Core Web Vitals, SpeedVitals to measure Global TTFB, and load test using

Hostingstep Team

Mohanraj is the founder of Hostingstep. In my own words, WordPress has been an integral part of my life since 2012. I have successfully created many WordPress sites both simple and complex sites. I troubleshoot WordPress sites and have worked with most WordPress hosting, Themes, and plugin companies together.

With Google’s increasing focus on improving the speed of web pages, I accidentally caught up in learning Google Cloud and AWS to host our sites. Eventually, I fell in love with the web hosting world and decided to launch Hostingstep with a simple thought, “Put data first; let people choose what they want.” As of 2024, I have tested over 25 WordPress hosting companies, collecting data and presenting the same to our visitors. I’m continually learning and improving our test methodology to reduce any inaccuracies.

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