The Beginning is created to bring performance based web hosting analysis and results to ensure people stay away from unreal and biased web hosting reviews.

We Signed up with every top web hosting companies to test their server performance based on various parameters.

We are bringing up the live results with no compromise so that you can find the best web hosting company for your next online business.


Hostingstep is not about the individual. Hostingstep is powered by multiple hosting companies, Linux experts who dig out each servers, tech experts who monitors every moment of top hosting companies across forums & social media sites, production tester who tests every hosting company, experienced tech writer who write the review copies and tutorials, guys from tech support of multiple hosting companies and finally the visitors who adds value to our works.

We people widespread across the globe and connected remotely and we try our hard to bring you transparent web hosting reports despite everyone busy with their IT jobs and other projects.

Ryan – The MasterMind

Ryan is responsible for every operation behind the site. The Host selection, administration, and marketing are controlled by him. Ryan loves everything about technology especially network products. 

Raj – The Linux Guy

Raj, the tester behind our sites. He enjoys optimizing sites for better performance and responsible for all the data we present over Hostingstep. He works for one of the largest insurance company in the USA as Linux controller.

Some Facts

We use affiliate links at Hostingstep to cover up the cost of purchasing the new hosting accounts, monthly recurring costs to hosting companies where we host our demo sites and again monthly recurring costs for our tool providers who provide top class testing tools to deploy the servers and finally we do reward ourself a small amount of revenue among the people associated with Hostingstep. It helps us to cover the cost of Internet connections, working on co-working space and daily needs.

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