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Best Web Hosting Reviews (Oct. 2017)





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The above results are obtained from monitoring our demo sites in the last 12 months (Learn how I test hosting companies)

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The Problem

  • Finding a reliable web hosting has never been easier. Thanks to hundreds of web hosting reviews site that made the process even more complicated.
  • When you search for "Web Hosting Reviews" on Google, not only the top 10 pages, even the top 100 pages will recommend you a web hosting company based on the affiliate commissions.
  • Hosting companies with poor speed & uptime are recommended as the #1 web hosting company and visitors are falling prey for it.

& The Solution

  • How about implementing a new review methodology in hosting industry? Like getting a hosting account, test it and then make a review out it? Yes, Hostingstep does the same.
  • I spent nearly $2500 on top web hosting companies and signed up as a customer, bought a hosting account and deployed a demo site with default WordPress installed on it.
  • I started monitoring uptime, response time for every 12 Months/52 Weeks/365 Days/8765 Hours/525948 Minutes/31556926 Seconds in a year.

Note: All our reviews are based on hosting our demo sites on respective company servers.

#1 SiteGround 

SiteGround is the best hosting company I have tested so far. The results are far better than most web hosting companies in the market and SiteGround rocked in all departments be it performance, Customer support, committed innovation to bring new features ahead of competitors. Here is a glimpse of what SiteGround achieved.

  • Uptime - 99.99%
  • Response time- 344ms 
  • Support- Good,better and best.

#2 A2 Hosting

The fastest web hosting I ever experienced, Hands down. If SiteGround moto is to provide the best managed solution, A2 Hosting moto is all about speed. My demo site on A2 shared hosting loads even faster than sites hosted on cloud servers. A2 Hosting comes with US based 24/7 customer support, developer friendly and localized payment gateways (my most loved thing) and let's see what A2 Hosting achieved:

  • Uptime - 99.98%
  • Response time - 172ms
  • Support - Good,Better and Best

#3 FastComet 

Love saving money more than anything? FastComet is the hosting you're looking for. I was super impressed with their business model and being a young company compared to above two hosts, I never thought FastComet will make it into top 3, I'm really glad to recommend them. Let's see what FastComet has done:

  • Uptime - 99.97%
  • Response time - 402.71ms
  • Support - Good and Better.

Customers necessity varies from person to person. But the above three host can fit into most categories like if you need a headache free hosting company, choose SiteGround. If speed is your priority, go to A2 Hosting. If you're on a budget or looking for cost cutting, FastComet is for you.

The above three companies never sacrifice on Speed, Uptime and Customer support and I bet you don't need to check another review site, except HostingStep.

I reviewed nearly 10 hosting companies and here you can check the companies that failed to impress me.

#4 TMDHosting

Though TMDHosting was founded back in 2007, its still unknown to most people. The best thing about TMDHosting, they brought all the best technology to their servers. They are one of the very few hosting companies to bring SSD Hosting back in 2013, introduced free SSL few years back, inhouse built caching mechanism and much more to say.

  • Uptime - 99.97%
  • Response Time - 510ms
  • Support - Good and Better.

#5 InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has been in the industry for a long time. While the initial impressions are good with customer support and uptime, the response time is somewhat  higher when compared with SiteGround and A2 Hosting.

  • Uptime - 99.97% ( Same as FastComet)
  • Response Time - 570.01 ms
  • Support - Good, Better and Best.

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