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Closte Review 2022: How Good is This Google Host?

Here is my honest review on Closte after using them for last few months. 

In this Closte Review, I've shared the following insights :

  • Overview of Closte platform
  • Speed & Uptime and other fast factors
  • Features & support
  • Pros and cons

Note: This original review published a few years back is updated in 2021 with more clear info on Closte. Without wasting much of your time, let's dive into the review.

Closte Review

What is Closte?

Closte is a managed WordPress cloud hosting powered by Google servers and LiteSpeed Caching with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Closte Hosting Review on Performance

To test the performance of Closte, I bought a hosting account with them and launched a WordPress site. Then, I put the site for monitoring, and here are the results of my tests.

1. Server Response Time:

Server response time is the major factor for any hosting company. The site hosted on Closte recorded an average response time of 316 ms. The range is good and on par comparable with hosts like TemplCloudways that provide around ~300 ms faster response time.

2. Uptime

The uptime of the Closte site is 100% throughout our testing period. Just like speed, uptime is also one of the crucial factors, and Closte passed in it.

3. Load Testing

In this test, I did three different load tests to measure the performance. What happens when one of your posts goes viral and unsure whether Closte handles it or not? This test answers your question.

  • Clients Per Test (1000 clients in 1 minute) – In this test, 1000 clients are sent at random times in the test duration.
  • Maintain Client Load (50 clients in 1 minute) – A constant 50 clients will be checking the site throughout the test duration.
  • Maintain Client Load (1000 clients in 1 minute) – The same above test with a high 1000 constant client load to measure the performance. This is our topmost performance test.

In test 1, Closte took 32 ms and processed all requests without any issues.

While test 1 is a simple load test, tests 2 & 3 are the real load testing where the client load will be present throughout the test duration. In test 2, the site recorded an average response time of 415 ms, which is quite poor.

If you check our Fastest WordPress hosting post and compare the data, Closte is the slowest host in handling load.

I was a little bit surprised with the performance as Closte underperforms here and did the test again after some days, and the results are the same.

Closte March Load Test

Again in test 3, the site failed to provide consistent performance, evident from the graph. The test failed after the 40th second.

I did a quick comparison with other affordable managed WordPress hosts. You can see both Templ and Cloudways handles the load better than Closte.

Host Closte Templ Cloudways
Load Test 1 (1000 clients in 1 minute) 33 ms 33 ms 10 ms
Load Test 2 (500 constant client in 1 minute) 418 ms 33 ms 168 ms
Load Test 3 (1000 constant client in 1 minute) 261 ms* 71 ms 268 ms

*test not completed.

Overall, Closte provides a good initial server response time (TTFB) but its load handling performance is below average.

Pros of Using Closte

1. Google Cloud Platform + CDN +DNS

Closte uses the Google Cloud platform and thus you can have the choice of choosing from 23 global data center locations. There is also Google CDN available with has got over 140+ global POP locations. As a user, you can choose the closest data center and deliver a faster content experience to your target audience.

Google Edge Locations

Along with Google Cloud DNS, you have the benefit of a reliable and low-latency DNS which makes delivery even faster. Closte also includes the latest tech like QUIC and Brotli Compression.

2. Closte offers Fastest WordPress Setup

Users can have high productivity while using Closte, and it starts right from setting up your website, which merely takes three clicks. First, all you need to do is decide whether to add a new site or move an existing WordPress site or deploy a site via CloudSnap backups.

Then it would help if you chose the site name & data center. The final step would be modifying the tech stacks like caching plugin, PHP version, etc., and then clicking on deploy. Your WordPress site will be ready to access in a few minutes.

If you are coming from cPanel based hosts, you will completely love how faster the process is, and even among Managed WordPress hosts with custom control panel, I think Closte is just simple yet effective.

3. Free WordPress migration & Staging sites

If you want to transfer a site from your old hosting, you should be able to do it with the greatest ease because Closte offers WordPress migrations at no additional cost. 

Note: You can't do site transfer on your own using any plugins due to Closte limitations. So, their team offers unlimited site migration. Closte also ensures zero downtime during migration. Before adding a new site, you need to choose “Move an Existing site” and provide the login credentials. 

Besides, Closte comes with the Staging sites feature that allows you to clone your live site using a Closte subdomain to test and make various changes to prevent errors. Once you are done making the changes, the changes can be to your production in just one click.

4. Features

Closte upsells nothing and offers the most comprehensive package, which includes

  • Automated backups
  • DDOS Protection
  • WAF security
  • Malware Protection

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the greatest feature in securing your websites at the server level. Though Closte mentions Malware Protection, I believe it’s just for detection, and you need to take care of removing it.

Cons of using Closte:

1. Unpredictable pricing

It's a love & hate story when it comes to Closte Pricing. Most hosts charge a fixed amount even if you use just 10% of the resources but Closte charges for just what you use. 

Most of the charges come from CPU and Memory. These two are the deciding factors in your final billing.

No one can predict the pricing and it all depends on your page size. To give you an idea, I get around $5/month for the WordPress site I'm hosting at Closte to measure the performance. The site doesn't receive any traffic and the page size is 78.1 KB. I also host few other blank sites and can confirm, the average charge per month will be around $5.

2. Support:

I hope you are already aware of it. Closte provides support via tickets and usually takes a few hours to get a reply.

This was a screenshot from 2017 as I didn't get a chance to raise new tickets. But other users are reporting such delays still exist.

Closte will support their tech setup (hardware & software) but won't help you with what you do inside your WordPress applications. Closte doesn't hide this fact, and they're transparent on their stands. So, you can't ask their team to fix your WordPress.

3. Others

You can't use any other third-party CDN services like Cloudflare or StackPath. Closte doesn't have an email service, which is pretty common among Managed hosts.

Since it's a pay-as-you-service, the creation of staging sites adds extra charges. So if you're into development or use the staging sites frequently, then keep a focus on these charges. Once the work is done, you need to delete the staging sites, else it will create additional charges.

Finally, this is not a service issue but more of a platform issue. When you check, you can see the Closte CDN Sub-domains are indexed in Google, exposing the sites hosted with them. If you are into SEO, you can do a simple SERP scrape and find easy niches in few minutes. It's been over 3-4 years, the issues still exist and I hope Closte fixes the issues in the coming days.

Closte Alternatives – Comes with the same setup of Closte (Google Compute + Google CDN + Google DNS) but with a fixed price of $15/month. You will get better performance in load handling, 24×7 live chat support, free malware removal & restore, speed audit & fix, which you don't get with Closte.

This is one of the sites I'm hosting with Templ and I just pay $15/month for this amount of traffic with Google CDN enabled.

If you're already on Closte and getting billed over $10 per month, then you can try the Templ host plan of $15 per month as it offers better value for money. There are also $30 free credits which give you up to two months of free hosting.

Do I Recommend Closte?


  • If you want to get started at affordable pricing (average $5/month) and
  • fast server response time.
  • Can handle WordPress support on your own.


  • If you're a small business owner or blogger who relies on hosting for support.
  • Sites with high traffic as it doesn't perform well in load tests.

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