Nexcess Review

Nexcess Reviews 2022: How Good is Their WordPress Hosting?

This Nexcess Review is based on their Managed WordPress hosting. This review on Nexcess talks about performance, pricing, and support in detail.

Nexcess Review Summary

Nexcess revamped its Managed WordPress hosting plans to compete against WP Engine, Kinsta, etc. They placed their pricing strategically lower than their competitors yet offered double the resources. When looking at their performance, it’s good and provides value for money.

Overall, Nexcess is powerful yet simple managed WordPress hosting suitable for individuals and mostly for agencies.

Nexcess Pricing

The Nexcess plan starts at $19 per month. The plans are differentiated based on storage, sites allowed, and Bandwidth.

  • Spark: $19 per month, 1 Site, 15 GB Storage, 2 TB Bandwidth
  • Maker: $79 per month, 5 sites, 40 GB Storage, 3 TB Bandwidth
  • Designer: $109 per month, 10 sites, 60 GB Storage, 4 TB Bandwidth
  • Builder: $149 per month, 25 sites, 100 GB Storage, 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Producer: $299 per month, 50 sites, 300 GB Storage, 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Executive: $549 per month, 100 sites, 500 GB Storage, 10 TB Bandwidth
  • Enterprise: $999 per month, 250 sites, 800 GB Storage, 10 TB Bandwidth

There are also four months of free hosting if you pay annually. In the review section, I’ve mentioned its suits best for agencies, which you can confirm from the above pricing. At $149/month, you can host 25 sites where the same could cost over $300 on WP Engine or any other similar hosts. 

Email hosting is an added advantage for agencies, so I bet Nexcess offers the best value for money here.

Nexcess Tech Stacks

  • Web Server – Nginx Cloud caching
  • Object cache – Redis
  • PHP Workers – 10 per site
  • CDN – in-house Global CDN
  • Image Optimization – TinyPNG
  • Security – iThemes Security Pro

Nexcess Performance Test

I created as a performance-focused web hosting platform, so enjoy this dedicated section where I do a lot of rigorous tests to get the best out of Nexcess.

Server Response Time

The Nexcess site recorded an average response time of 395 ms in the last 30 days, and the scores are on par compatible with WP Engine and Kinsta, although the Nexcess plan comes with low pricing.

Response Time

Lower the server response time; faster is the server responds. Thus, Nexcess scores are impressive, with below 400 ms in most USA locations.


Nexcess sites recorded 100% uptime throughout our testing period. Their uptime is reliable; there is not even a 60-second downtime. We use Pingdom to measure the uptime where the demo site is monitored for 60 seconds once. I’ve also deployed a secondary tool for monitoring, and I can confirm, Nexcess does provide 100% uptime.


Load Testing

In this test, I’ll be sending 1000 concurrent visitors to the site for 60 seconds and see how the server performs. This test ensures the server’s capability to handle bulk traffic if one of your posts goes viral.

Nexcess recorded an average response time of 398 ms while handling 1000 concurrent visitors. The scores are impressive considering the affordable pricing and free auto-scaling architecture that comes with Nexcess.

Load Testing

Another major thing to note is there are just two 4xx errors while 29 requests are timed out. Apart from that, all the 73921 requests are successfully processed through the server. 

Core Web Vitals

With Core Web Vitals getting into the ranking factor, we can’t simply ignore it. This basic test will measure the metrics like Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout shift.

Core Web Vitals

The scores obtained here are good and on par with other best Managed WordPress hosting.

core web vitalsValue
Largest Contentful Paint2.3 seconds
Cumulative Layout Shit0

Global TTFB

If your site receives traffic from multiple countries, then checking the global TTFB is essential. After pinging the site from 10 international locations, the TTFB is excellent in the US and UK.

Summary: As you can see, Nexcess never disappointed in any of the performance tests. Based on results, I can say they’re genuinely committed to providing excellent managed WordPress hosting.

Not to forget, Liquid Web acquired the company Nexcess and at the time, both the company had their own managed WordPress hosting. After the acquisition, these two hosts’ best features are combined and launched into a single powerful WordPress hosting under the Nexcess brand.

While Liquid Web was founded in 1997, Nexcess was formed in 2000. So, this service comes after a team with over 40 years of experience in the industry.  

Nexcess Pros

Free Auto Scaling

The only host to offer free auto-scaling is Nexcess. Whenever your site requires more power, Nexcess automatically scales your site for 24 hours a month. Those 24 hours can happen at any time and don’t need to be continuous. You can have 8 hours of auto-scaling in the first week, 10 hours in the next week, or any other possible combinations. Nexcess claims this 24 hours of free scaling is enough for most sites.

I’ve reviewed many hosts here, and Nexcess is the only host to offer such generous resources.

Powerful CDN

With Nexcess, you don’t need to pay for CDN. They’ve developed their own global CDN with 22 Edge locations across the globe. The major highlight is the 250 GB Bandwidth per month. While competitors offer 50 GB bandwidth in a similar range, Nexcess is just enormous, and the overage fees after 250 GB are $0.10/GB.


Automatic Updates

This feature is not a traditional automatic WordPress core and plugin update. Through the visual comparison feature, Nexcess will take a screenshot before and after updating the plugin. If the visual seems broken after the update, Nexcess will just revert the update. If no issues on visual, the update will be passed to the production site.

Visual Comparison

How good is this feature not found on other hosts, and how much time can one save with this incredible feature? With Nexcess, it's nearly a set and forget when it comes to automatic updates.

Powerful Performance

This is an expert section of the performance test. Nexcess recorded excellent response time and uptime. Their hardware-level performance was too impressive, along with load testing results. With all the possible combinations, I recommend Nexcess if you look for a performance-based host.

No Traffic based limits

Nexcess limits your plan based on bandwidth and not on traffic. This is an excellent advantage as you won’t get shocking bills at the end of the month. WP Engine limits 25,000 visits on their $30 per month plan while Nexcess $19 per month can handle 5x more traffic.

No upsells

I hate the idea of upselling that, too, in a premium segment. Nexcess doesn’t have any hard upsells. They offer most things bundled inside the plan, and only when your limits are crossed, the upsells are applied. There is an excellent limit on overall bandwidth, CDN bandwidth, and auto-scaling.

Nexcess Cons

CDN Improvement

Nexcess CDN lacks the performance in Asia and Australia. If you have got a target audience there, Nexcess might disappoint you.

Support Response

Being a user of many companies, none of them impressed me like Liquid Web. I can connect with them in seconds via live chat; they educate me on why this issue happened and how to stop it from happening. 

However, Nexcess support is slow. The technicians are knowledgeable, no doubt about it. But the subsequent replies for tickets take a long time. Although the condition improved now, they still lag behind other hosts. However, the phone support is always active, with no complaints about it.

I hope the company can bring the magic of Liquid Web support to Nexcess. 

Nexcess Features

Control Panel

Nexcess has its own control panel that is faster, easy to use. It’s super fun working on this panel as I see some unique features like visual comparison, stencils, etc.

Right after the login, the Home tab gives you complete information like invoices, support tickets, announcements, etc. Under the Plans option, you can use site related features like

  • Enabling auto-scaling, CDN, and SSL
  • Create staging sites
  • Access logs and domain options
  • Managing backups and restores
  • Email hosting access, etc.

The other panel options are SSL, Support, Billing, and DNS, which do their respective jobs.

Under the user menu, you can create 2-factor auth, SSH keys; Team members access, API tokens, etc. There is also a feedback and announcements section that shares the latest updates about Nexcess.


Nexcess provides automatic backups and stores the last 30 days’ copies for free. You can also manually create backups when needed. Restoring is fun, available with a single click.

Email Hosting

If you need an email along with a host, you’ll love this feature of Nexcess. You can create unlimited emails for any number of your sites. You can either use Local mail delivery or access Webmail to check your emails.

Staging sites

Staging sites come with the same setup as a production site. You can even enable CDN on the staging site to check the performance of the site. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Nexcess?

Nexcess is a web hosting service optimized for ecommerce platforms like WordPress and Magento. Nexcess provides cloud solutions, enterprise hosting services with 24/7/365 customer support.

Is Nexcess any good?

Nexcess scored well in terms of performance, pricing, and support. Overall, Nexcess is a value for money hosting, especially for agencies.

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