Cheap Web Hosting 2019

Choosing the cheap/cheaper/cheapest web hosting might be difficult considering the fact, hosting companies put several limitations on resources and here comes the guide from Hostingstep which helps you to choose the Cheap web hosting that offers better pricing, reliable servers and quick customers support.

Here is the list of Cheap Web Hosting in 2019.

1.SiteGround – The real cheapest web hosting

SiteGround charges $3.95/month for 12 months annual payment which is considered to be the cheapest web hosting option one should get started. While most companies put a tag of $2.95/month, the pricing will be for either 24 or 36 months only.

SiteGround also comes with best uptime and speed compared to most companies I tested so far.

2.FastComet – Another Cheap web hosting company

FastComet charges $2,95/month for 36 months billing and surely deserves to be included in this cheap web hosting guide consider the fact, they offer free domain name and same renewal price forever. Suppose you're getting an account for $3.95/month with SiteGround, the renewal charges would be $9.95/month but when it comes to FastComet, the renewal pricing is same for your lifetime.

FastComet comes with an 290ms average load time and 99.97% average uptime for the last 10 months.

3.A2 Hosting – Fastest Cheap web hosting

A2 Hosting was the finest hosting company which provided us with better results than most companies. A2 Hosting loads on an average of 172ms and uptime is 99.98% and the plan starts from $3.92/month .


The tag “cheap web hosting 2019″ doesn't go well in recent times but at Hostingstep, I put this guide to choose the cheapest yet best web hosting companies without burning your pockets.