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WP Engine is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform that started in 2010 and has excellent solutions for businesses and agencies of all sizes. The platform claims to have excellent speed, security, and support.

I have done thorough research on the platform, and in this post, I will share the pros and cons of WP Engine to provide you with good clarity about the platform.

WP Engine Pros

Fast Managed WordPress hosting

WP Engine is undoubtedly a fast managed WordPress hosting. I recently tested the service by hosting a test site on the platform. WP Engine recorded a TTFB of 380ms.

The platform uses modern infrastructure with optimized caching. Besides, my WP Engine website recorded an uptime of 99.98%.

Best-in-class customer support

WP Engine has a reliable customer support team backed by experienced executives. The support team does an exceptional job of assisting customers 24/7 through live chat, tickets, and phone. I have tried connecting with the live chat several times, and I must say connecting to the live chat doesn’t take much time.

On top of that, I liked the way the executive assisted me with my technical difficulty. It’s also worth mentioning that WP Engine has good online resources for customers that cover every aspect of web hosting.

Unlimited automated migrations

WP Engine offers unlimited automated migrations, which is a fantastic feature. Customers can use WP Engine’s Free automated migration plugin to transfer unlimited websites to WP Engine. Apart from using the Free automated migration plugin, customers also have WP Engine experts to help them at every stage of migrations.

Free SSL, Backups & CDN

WP Engine offers free SSL, Backups, and CDN on all plans. It is a generous offering, while other hosting services charge additional charges for these features.

These free features will bring down the website maintenance cost.

Access to premium themes

WP Engine comes with ten premium themes, and users can use these themes to build client sites or their own sites much more quickly. It is another cost-effective feature since you would otherwise have to consider spending some money on buying a premium theme for your website.

Staging sites

WP Engine comes with One-click staging for free on all plans to allow users to create staging sites in no time. The feature is easy to use, and you can create as many staging sites as you want to test various modifications before deploying them to your live website. Testing changes on the staging sites is simple. Once you finish testing the changes, it’s easy to deploy the final changes to the production site.

Many advanced features

I find WP Engine quite unique from other hosting services, and I am saying it considering the various advanced features that it comes with. The service comes with GIT & SFTP connections, Local developer tools, Application monitoring, Page performance monitoring, Activity log & user permissions, Consultative onboarding, and a Dedicated account team.

60-days money-back guarantee

Another pro of WP Engine is the fact that it offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, while all other hosting companies offer only a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. It makes the WP Engine risk-free and also very reliable.

WP Engine Cons

Additional security features cost extra

WP Engine has one downside, and that’s in terms of security. Even though WP Engine has decent proactive threat detection, there are no additional security features offered on the plans. The service offers the Global edge security add-on for an additional cost.

The add-on comes with advanced DDoS mitigation, Cloudflare CDN, and automatic SSL. It can be slightly disappointing for WP Engine fans since most other hosting companies offer good free security features while WP Engine offers them at an additional cost.


How much does WP Engine cost?

WP Engine has four Managed WordPress pricing, and customers can start for as low as $20 per month. The plan comes with one site and 10 GB of Storage. Besides, the platform allows you to have custom plans for your mission-critical websites.

What are the pros of WP Engine?

WP Engine is one of the most reliable managed WordPress hosting services and comes with many pros. Here are some of the pros of WP Engine:

  • The service offers a fast speed
  • SSL, Backups, Staging, and CDN are free in all plans
  • The WP Engine customer support team is exceptionally experienced and reliable
  • WP Engine offers unlimited automated migrations
  • All plans come with ten premium themes
  • The service comes with many advanced features
  • All plans come with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What are the cons of WP Engine?

WP Engine doesn’t have too many cons, and the only con of WP Engine is that it charges an additional cost for additional security features. Even though WP Engine has decent server-side security, features like DDoS mitigation, Cloudflare CDN, and automatic SSL are not offered for free. Customers can only get them by getting the Global edge security add-on, paying an additional cost. It can be a little disappointing for customers since most hosting companies offer security features for free.

Is website migration free in WP Engine?

Yes, website migration is absolutely free in WP Engine. The platform allows customers to transfer unlimited websites to the platform using the WP Engine’s Free automated migration plugin. On top of that, customers can seek help from the WP Engine experts at all stages of the migration process.

The Bottom Line

I have shared my honest opinion about the pros and cons of WP Engine. As you have seen in the post, WP Engine has mostly pros. The service offers reliable performance and has almost all the essential features that you may require for powerful hosting. However, the only con of the service is that it doesn’t offer security features other than free SSL and backup. 

The service charges additional charges for additional security features. You can go ahead with the service if you are okay with it. Overall, WP Engine is an exceptionally powerful and reliable managed WordPress hosting service.

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