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ChemiCloud Coupon 2022 – Get 60% OFF + Free Domain

Our ChemiCloud Coupon helps you get up to 60% OFF on ChemiCloud shared hosting plans. Using our ChemiCloud Coupon code, you can start for as low as $3.95 per month.

ChemiCloud Coupon

The ChemiCloud Coupon Code provides 60% Off on shared and WordPress hosting plans on all billing cycles.

Get up to 60% OFF coupon on ChemiCloud fast, secure, and reliable shared hosting plans. Besides a 60% coupon, you also have the advantage of getting a free domain for a lifetime, which will further reduce operational costs.

The 65% Off coupon of ChemiCloud is valid on all shared hosting plans including Managed WordPress plans including a free domain name for a lifetime. With ChemiCloud, enjoy the fastest page speed and great support.

How to claim the ChemiCloud Coupon Code?

ChemiCloud provides customers with an excellent chance to enjoy up to 60% OFF on its shared hosting plans. After you click the link, it will redirect you to the ChemiCloud Shared hosting pricing page.

Step 1: Select a hosting plan.

This post brings you an excellent ChemiCloud shared hosting deal and grabbing it, you have to click on the Get Started button. As you click on the button, this should get you to the pricing page. The next best thing you can do is select the desired plan and hit the Order Now button.

Step 2: Add or Register a Domain

After you hit the Order Now button, you will be presented with a screen wherein you shall be asked to either register a new or add a domain that you already have. If you already have on, click on the option, I already have a domain, enter your name, and hit the Use button.

However, if you don't have a domain yet, you can register a domain for free. At present, ChemiCloud is the only hosting company that offers a free for a lifetime on all its plans.

Step 3: Select the billing cycle and server location.

After you register, it's time to configure your plan, and you could start by choosing a billing cycle. ChemiCloud allows you to choose between two billing cycles, and you can either choose between 24 months or 36 months. I suggest you select for 36 months to enjoy the benefit for a long time.

The next important thing to do is selecting the right server. ChemiCloud offers you 7 server locations to choose from, and by the rule of thumb, you must choose the closest server location to your target audience. As far as the Available Addons option is concerned, you can completely ignore it. Next, you can click on Continue to get to the Review & Checkout page.

Step 4: Review & Checkout

As you get to the Review & Checkout page, you can enter the ChemiCloud Coupon code in the field under the Promotion option. The code is BIO60, and after you enter the code, you can hit on the Validate Code.

Next, you have to fill in your billing address details and select the payment method, either Stripe Credit Card, PayPal, or Credit Card. After that, you can tick on the Terms of Service and click on Checkout.

Reasons to choose ChemiCloud Hosting.

ChemiCloud is one of the finest hosting companies for sure, and I can say it out of having closely tested the various aspects of the service. The hosting company is affordable, fast, and secure.

  1. Chemicloud comes with a Free Domain for a lifetime.

ChemiCloud is the only hosting company that offers a free domain for a lifetime on all plans alongside being pretty affordable. The free domain gets the cost of maintaining a site even lower.

2. They offer blazing fast & reliable hosting.

I found ChemiCloud with very reliable performance with an average server response time of 347 ms. On top of that, I found the service with a brilliant uptime of 100% without any downtime or outage.

Besides, the service is also very dependable in terms of traffic load handling. As per the last load testing, I can say the service can efficiently handle high traffic and unexpected traffic surges.

Our site also has a decent global TTFB with an average TTFB of 406.74 ms and excellent TTFB in as many as ten global locations. This makes the service an ideal hosting platform for sites that rely largely on multiple server locations for traffic.

ChemiCloud has a good Core Web Vitals score, which means sites can expect a lot of help from this platform in terms of user experience, and user experience is a very important factor for ranking these days.

3. ChemiCloud has a reliable backup system in place.

The company is extremely dependable when it comes to backup, and the service offers automated daily backups on all plans. Further, the service also has a very straightforward way of restoring backups. Learn more about this in our ChemiCloud Review 2021 with updated information.

4. ChemiCloud comes with Free SSL and CDN.

ChemiCloud allows you to encrypt your traffic with HTTPS encryption through free SSL by Let's Encrypt. The service also offers free Cloudflare CDN on all plans. This gives sites the benefit of extremely fast load times backed by reverse proxy caching, gzip compression, a large global network, and auto minification.

5. ChemiCloud comes with a rock-solid security system.

ChemiCloud comes with excellent security features comprising custom web application firewall rules, real-time 24/7 server monitoring, and HTTPS -encryption with Let's Encrypt SSL. I was very impressed by security features, and I firmly believe any site hosted on this platform has hardly any chance of being ever affected by any online threats.

6. ChemiCloud has fast & friendly support.

They have a brilliant support team that has done a commendable job of helping the customers over the past many years. The support team consists of highly experienced executives who would do their best to help the customers with their technical difficulties through 24×7 live chat, tickets, and phone.

Is ChemiCloud Coupon Code Worth the value?

ChemiCloud is an extremely reliable service, and this is the right time to get one of its plans since the company is giving a discount of up to 60% on all its shared hosting plans. Getting the discount isn't difficult. I have already explained how you can grab the deal using our ChemiCloud Coupon Code. However, you must keep in mind that the deal is valid for a limited period only.

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