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If you want to increase your PHP memory limit in Cloudways, follow the steps below! You’ll be up and running in no time. You can easily change your PHP memory limit in the Cloudways platform with a few simple clicks. So let’s get started!

What is the PHP memory limit in Cloudways?

Before I explain how you can increase the PHP memory limit in Cloudways, let me explain what PHP memory limit actually means. PHP processes are essential for serving the maximum number of page requests at any time. PHP scripts are tiny and shouldn’t take much RAM unless you have an application that consumes more resources than usual. However, when PHP processes get overloaded, the memory limit and servers need to force stop.

PHP memory limit is the server memory, which each PHP script can extend to the max. According to the PHP documentation, the PHP memory limit sets memory in bytes that a script can designate. By doing this, you can prevent ineffectively composed scripts from consuming all accessible server memory.

To understand how PHP memory limit works, it fixes a memory size for executing a script to stop ineffectively coded scripts on the server from eating up huge server space during the large-scale utilization of an application.

How to increase the PHP memory limit?

If your instance ever needs an increase in memory limit, you must create a php.ini (phprc) file. While most WordPress hosting users will have to edit the PHP.ini and wp-config files, Cloudways users can change the value from within the application settings on the Cloudways Platform.

A few examples of high-traffic Cloudways sites are Learning the Harp, Pittsburgh Fresh, and Current Debate. Users worldwide access these websites, and despite high traffic, these websites have excellent performance.

Increase the PHP memory limit in Cloudways

You can increase the PHP memory limit in Cloudways by following these simple steps:

  • You need to login into your Cloudways account
  • Next, you will need to head over to the servers and then to phpapp
  • After that, you can get to the Servers & Packages tab and look for Memory Limit
  • Once you find the option, you can simply change the Memory Limit to your desired value and click on SAVE CHANGES.

If you don’t have a server, check this guide on how to transfer sites to Cloudways.

Generally, static websites don’t need a large PHP memory limit. Even bigger websites may need from 128 to 256 PHP memory limit as a good starting point. However, the memory limit directly relates to websites’ themes, plugins, database queries, and cached-to-cached proportion.

There are times when you may need to increase the PHP limit for your website. However, increasing the PHP Memory limit in Cloudways is ridiculously simple.

About Cloudways

If you’re looking for a cloud hosting platform that is both powerful and easy to use, you should try Cloudways. With their free trial, you can risk-free test out all the platform features. This is a great way to save money on your cloud computing needs. With Cloudways, you can get started with your free trial in minutes and use the coupon code to save even more.

I’ve been using Cloudways for a few months now, and I’m really impressed with how user-friendly it is. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed!

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