People looking for Kinsta alternatives fall into two major categories. First, people look to downgrade to cheaper alternatives for cost-cutting, and second, people look to upgrade for better performance and value for money.

Along with Kinsta, we’ve benchmark tested 15 popular WordPress hosting providers for more than three years. Using our proprietary data, let’s discuss and find the most suitable alternative to Kinsta based on your needs.


Rocket hosting is the ultimate fastest hosting alternative to Kinsta. During our test, we found both Kinsta and Rocket offers similar performance in load handling and uptime test. However, Rocket offers better TTFB across the globe due to its integration with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN with full page caching. Additionally, Rocket plan comes with enomours server resources compared to Kinsta.
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Cloudways is the most affordable alternative to Kinsta. If you are downgrading from Kinsta, then Cloudways should be your only choice. Though Cloudways can’t handle loads like Kinsta, it comes with an affordable price to handle a good number of sites.
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Templ is more like a similar alternative to Kinsta with more or less similar tech stacks. Templ excels in offering a better TTFB, and it comes with Google Cloud CDN instead of Cloudflare, which comes with Kinsta. Based on our data, we found that Google Cloud CDN performs better than Cloudflare, and that’s why we use Templ on our own sites.
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WP Engine

WP Engine is a default alternative to Kinsta due to very similar pricing and features. WP Engine doesn’t offer any better performance than Kinsta, and it should be your choice of alternative only if you need a reliable, renowned hosting provider to host your sites.
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Nexcess is Kinsta’s alternative for agencies. Their plans are affordable but come with agency-specific features like email hosting, visual compare updates, etc. Since they operate their own data centers, Nexcess offers enormous server resources, unlike Kinsta.
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