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DreamPress Review 2022 – Is It The Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

DreamPress is a widely popular and extensively used managed WordPress hosting service. Many of you have this question as to what makes this service so popular and what is so special about it.

This is exactly what this post will be about, and coming up next is the DreamPress Review, which will answer many of the important questions about this service.

DreamPress Review

DreamPress Features

1. Unlimited CDN & Unlimited Email

The host provides customers with a Free Unlimited CDN on its plans. However, the feature is missing on the lowest tier plan. Another impressive feature is the Unlimited Email, and the feature is available in all three DreamPress plans.

2. 1-Click Staging

DreamPress comes with 1-Click Staging, which helps customers test various crucial modifications on a staging site before deploying them to the live site.

3. A Decent Backup System

Apart from this, the host comes with a unique backup system. DreamPress offers customers daily backups plus On-Demand backups. Besides, restoring a backup point is just about a single click.

4. Excellent Security

As far as security goes, the service comes with automatic WordPress updates. Besides, the service offers free Jetpack Professional on its plans. However, the lowest tier comes with only the Jetpack free plan. The service also offers Free Domain Privacy and Free SSL Certificates on all projects.

DreamPress Performance Review

1. Server Response Time

When I tested the server response time of my DreamPress website, my site responded with an average server response time of 374 ms. According to our fast data, DreamPress performance is on the average side.

2. Uptime

DreamPress uptime is perfect in most months. However, during a three-month period of Aug – Sep – Oct 2021, the site experienced many downtimes. The total uptime of the DreamPress site is 99.99%

3. Load Handling Capacity

Load handling capacity is a crucial aspect of performance. I recently conducted load testing on my DreamPress website by sending concurrent traffic of 500 and 1000 clients in 1 minute to the website.

The site responded very well and recorded 89 ms in Clients Per Test (1000 Clients in 1 Minute), 43 ms in Maintain Client Load (500 Clients in 1 Minute), and 173 ms in Maintain Client Load (1000 Clients in 1 Minute). Considering the load testing results are impressive, which also means that DreamPress is a great platform for high-traffic sites.

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4. Global TTFB

So far, so good, but is DreamPress good for sites that drive traffic from multiple Global locations? I recently conducted a Global TTFB test on my DreamPress site to find the answer. I pinged my site from ten different Global locations and monitored the TTFB of the site across the ten places.

My site responded with an average TTFB of 593.588 ms and recorded decent TTFB across most places except for Bangalore and Sydney, where the TTFB was more than 1 second.

5. Core Web Vitals

A performance check is never complete without checking the Core Web Vitals of the hosting service since the user experience of sites largely depends on the Core Web Vitals of the hosting platform they are hosted on. Further, user experience has become an essential factor for search engine ranking these days, and sites have to work hard on this factor.

When I recently tested the Core Web Vitals of my DreamPress site, my site responded brilliantly with a ‘Largest Contentful Paint' of 1.137s, a ‘Total Blocking Time' of 0.000s, and a ‘Cumulative Layout Shift' of 0. Hence, I can confidently say that sites hosted on this platform can deliver a great user experience.

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DreamPress Plans & Pricing

DreamPress provides customers with three great plans to choose from. Customers can start with DreamPress for as low as $16.95 per month. Here are the details of the three DreamPress plans:

  • DreamPress: $16.95 per month, Built for 100k Monthly Visitors, 30 GB SSD Storage
  • DreamPress Plus: $24.95 per month, Built for 300k Monthly Visitors, 60 GB SSD Storage
  • DreamPress Pro: $71.95 per month, Built for 1M+ Monthly Visitors, 120 GB SSD Storage

What is DreamPress?

DreamPress started in 2013 and is DreamHost's Managed WordPress Hosting service. The service is fully managed, and customers can have an optimized WordPress hosting experience without having to do anything on their part. The service comes with Unlimited Email, On-Demand + Daily Backups, 1-Click Staging, and Free Automated WordPress Migrations.

Do I Recommend DreamPress For You?

I don't recommend DreamPress for your site considering their average performance and downtimes. However, If you're looking for a 100% USA-based host, then you can choose DreamPress, although there are better options available like, WP Engine, and Kinsta.

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