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  1. Saru
    at · Reply

    This is bullshit information, I do not agree, Please check name cheap and then post your comments.

  2. Flemming
    at · Reply

    The prices are rediculous, the prices listed are without CPanel included and thus as such are moot. Please post all inclusive prices instead!!!

    • Ryan
      at · Reply

      Hi Flemming, I’ve listed more than five products and all the pricing includes cPanel with it. You can see the prices start from $15/month which includes cPanel license. Without cPanel, the VPS would cost just around $5/month and I didn’t add any such hosts here. It would be clear if you can pinpoint which hosts are wrong.

  3. Michael Wallace
    at · Reply

    The InMotion “Launch Plan” is shared hosting, not VPS.

  4. Michael Wallace
    at · Reply

    The HostWinds VPS includes only a Windows or Linux OS. You can purchase a license for cPanel for $15. I was in chat with them for 20 minutes before I got a straight answer about this.

    On their VPS page, they mention cPanel as an option, but they don’t tell you straight out that you buy the license at check-out.

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