6 Cheapest VPS Hosting With cPanel/WHM of 2020

Are you trying to use a Best VPS Hosting service but you don’t want to have to spend more money than necessary?

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle to try to find the cheapest VPS hosting with cPanel that works better.

Take a look at a few of the best options you’ve got out there for cheap VPS hosting with cPanel. Every choice has its own features, but they are all alike with affordable values. From security to added protection against spam, you can trust these fully managed VPS hosting solutions.

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2GB RAM + 40GB Space + 10TB Bandwidth



1GB RAM + 30GB Space + 1TB Bandwidth



2GB RAM + 20GB Space

 VPS with sPanel at $12/month


2GB RAM + 30GB Space + 2TB Bandwidth



2GB RAM + 50GB Space + 2TB Bandwidth



4GB RAM + 75GB Space + 4TB Bandwidth



Note: The costs listed are based on averages for what you might be expected to spend. Check individual sites for added details.

Here are the six of cheapest VPS Hosting with cPanel in 2020.

1. LiquidWeb - Cheapest cPanel VPS Hosting

There is no better company than Liquidweb which offers fully managed Cloud VPS hosting.

This is our LiquidWeb VPS Control Panel.

Operating for more than twenty years, Liquid Web has an separate fan base among web enthusiasts over the globe. Our site Hostingstep.com too hosted on Liquid Web for last three years and with our exclusive Liquid Web Coupon, you will be getting the cheapest VPS with WHM/cPanel than from any other sites.

If you ask me the Best Cheapest VPS Hosting With Cpanel/WHM, I strongly recommend Liquid Web over others. Liquid Web priced $19.50/month offers the cheap fast VPS solutions and I already reviewed their Liquid Web servers.

  • Everything is fully scalable on your VPS hosting setup and you can get more space and bandwidth as you demand it.
  • The cPanel and Plesk Onyx control panel are used and you can choose which you prefer, although the features you get will vary based on the panels you are working with.
  • The best of all, 100% Network and uptime SLAs.
  • Each VPS has a dedicated IP address and DDOS Protection.
  • An integrated firewall keeps the site secure from most common issues.
  • Root access is provided for your technical stuff. Review your code and figure out where you want to install specific apps. This feature works for more advanced users, but it does allow for added customization and control over your website.

2. HostWinds - Cheapest WHM Hosting

HostWinds concentrates on enterprise solutions on a budget thus entitled as the best Cheapest VPS Hosting powered by WHM.

Formed in 2010, HostWinds concentrates on producing quality hosting with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. A 60-day money-back guarantee is also included for each package.

  • Hostwinds operates two datacenters one in Dallas and another one in Seattle.
  • Nightly backups are available for all users. You can customize parameters on what you want to back up. You can also restore individual files if they are ever lost.
  • The cPanel Softaculous installer program is also included. The program is easy to use and works with a one-step approach for handling installations.
  • A variety of Linux operating systems are utilized by the VPS setups here. Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian are highlighted among a few others.

The cheapest VPS plan from HostWinds costs just $5.17/month

3. Interserver - Cheap VPS Server With CPanel/WHM

Note: Interserver offers the cheapest VPS Hosting with cPanel.

InterServer is the last of the attractive cheapest Linux VPS services to look for. The American-owned company has been serving the hosting needs of its clients for more than sixteen years. The team offers a strong design for ensuring people can keep their servers up without risking any downtime.

  • Use up to four cores of processing data in your package. This is suitable for Windows and Linux users alike.
  • The free Bread Basket feature provides you with the option to use hundreds of apps on your server. WordPress and many other popular choices work here.
  • SSD drives operate faster than SATA drives with Interserver. Order a hard drive from 30 to 240 GB in size.
  • Backups and server snapshots can be ordered manually. You can program when you want to get these security backup features loaded up. Regular scheduling can be planned with your backups or snapshots taken at specific points.
  • You can get as many server slices added as necessary. Contact Interserver to get each slice you want to use set up and ready for use.

4. TMDHosting - Cheap VPS Server With CPanel/WHM

TMDHosting has fully managed VPS servers and offers 24x7 support. TMDHosting has been in the industry for more than ten years and has expanded to offer seven data centers from Chicago to Sydney.

TMDHosting offers cheap VPS with cPanel WHM for as low as $19.97/month for the first month and the stable price costs $39.95/month and TMDHosting also offers cheap VPS Europe.

  • RAID technology with SSDs increases transfer speeds, thus allowing a site to load much faster.
  • A web-based BitNinja firewall is utilized on each VPS. The firewall reviews files that moves in and out of a site.
  • SpamExperts is available for use for an extra charge per month. The SpamExperts setup uses added protection for monitoring potential spam messages.
  • Daily backups are provided for free. You can also restore any lost data on your server for free at any time. The program provides you with a clear setup for recovering your files.
  • Get Started With TMDHosting For Cheapest Price

    5. InMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting is a web hosting company offers several plans to go alongside VPS services. InMotion has been operating for more than fifteen years.

    InMotion is rated as being the top Cheap VPS hosting with Cpanel WHM service provider based on transfers to a new service. Its support team is also top-rated as more than 25,000 compliments were sent to the team last year.

    • Every VPS package includes free SSLs. Each SSL provides a secure connection with full data encryption. The green lock featured on your URL shows visitors that your place is secure.
    • All backups are automatic, but server snapshots can be scheduled too. You can restore any snapshot in the event of an emergency or error.
    • E-commerce optimization is included with each hosting plan. You can choose from any platform, although InMotion works best with WordPress support.
    • Get at least three dedicated IP addresses to your account.
    • You can use as many websites as you want with a singular account, the support that comes with this lets you manage more sites with one account.

    6. GreenGeeks

    Update: Due to recent cPanel price hike, GreenGeeks stopped offering their VPS services, though you can get an license outside and configure with their VPS Hosting plans starting at $5/month.

    GreenGeeks is heralded as one of the most eco-friendly hosting services in the world. GreenGeeks operates its data centers off renewable energy sources. This includes using configured server hardware that uses less energy and data centers that keep the operating conditions for these servers ideal.

    By using a lower footprint, it becomes easier for GreenGeeks to provide people with good VPS hosting deals.

    • Quad-core processors are used for your hosting needs.
    • Free migration services are included with each package.
    • eNom domain reseller accounts are provided to people on many VPS accounts. You can register and transfer domain names to customers off of a reseller account. SSL certificates and some other functions can also be sold to people. You may potentially get a profit off of your account.
    • Tier-1 bandwidth is used on each VPS layout. This operates on one gigabit per second. A premium multi-gigabit network is utilized with GreenGeeks.
    • Quick provisioning provides you with VPS functions in no time. It takes about 60 seconds for you to get the VPS provisions you order. This may be done for added disk space or IP addresses.


    Each of these options deserves to be explored when looking at how well your cheap VPS hosting with Cpanel needs can work. See how each service is different from one another. Think about your demands for hosting alongside your budget as well.

    Choosing the right plan is a necessity for giving you the help and service you demand.

    Best of all, you can be assured that you will have a service that cares for you no matter who you opt to utilize no matter what your site might be like or what you demand.

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