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TMDHosting Reviews 2019

TMDHosting was operating from 2007 in Orlando, Flordia with just four employees and now they have grown to near 100+ employees which itself shows the growth of the company and its customers base. 

They looked promising to me and started testing it for my TMDHosting review.

I got a package with them, added a demo site. Started monitoring uptime and response time.I got the results and what is your mind thinking about TMDHosting? Good or Bad?

Let's have a look at our results and learn about them in this TMDHosting Review.

TMDHosting Review 2019

#1 Company History

TMDHosting was started by Peter with couple of his high school friends when graduated from Rollins college in Orlando back in 2007. They never looked back what happened, now they were close to host millions of customers and infact 2017 marks their tenth year in business.

They are quick enough to adapt to latest technologies in their business , they introduced cloud sites in 2015. Their office located in Orlando where data center wide spread over different parts of world and as per the data collected, they are hosting more than 70000 customers in the Q1 2016.

#2 Demo Site Details

As for my testing process and this TMDHosting review, I bought a hosting package and installed a demo site on their servers and started monitoring their services.

  • Site URL –
  • TMD indicates TMDHosting
  • Domain and Hosting registered on Aug 2016.

Sign up process is simple. Only 3 screens to get started. 


#3 Hosting Plans 

Apart from Shared hosting plan, TMDHosting offer managed Cloud hosting, Cloud VPS,reseller and dedicated hosting for its customer at some seriously stunning pricing (learn more). Infact, they offer cheapest pricing compared with other hosting companies in my list.

#4 Features

General Features

  • SSD Web Space
  • 1 Click installer
  • Free website transfer
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 TMD Genius Customer support 
  • Free personal DNS

Technical Features

  • All files and MySQL files on SSD
  • Six layer caching mechanism ( most hosting comes with three layer caching)
  • Free CDN
  • Guaranteed RAM And CPU cores
  • Spam Experts tool powered Email service
  • Inhouse web firewall
  • MemCache Instance


  • Free domain forever (learn more about domain registration)
  • Free WildCard SSL 
  • Free daily backups via JetBackup
  • Free CloudFare CDN account
  • Free application, template and module installation for 100+ open source applications
  • Free Website transfer

#5 Historical Analysis

#1 TMDHosting Uptime

When I started using TMDHosting, I saw some small outages happening regularly and thought of raising a ticket regarding it. But I got an email from them indicating that there are some problems with their current data center location and they are moving my site to another data center facility in Singapore.

I love this indication. What do you feel when you're hosting company voluntarily takes part in solving the issues?


After this mail, I didn't get any outages, and you can check the uptime of the past 30 days below.

Meanwhile, I accidentally got Singapore data center and later moved my website to US data center to find the accurate response time from my tools.

Considering the price (starting price $2.85/month) I can bet, you won't get this much uptime with similar priced hosting companies like ipage.

Check TMDHosting uptime for past 12 months ( Click to expand )

#2 Historical First Time to Byte

Based on our testing methodology, I tested the TMDHosting demo site on byte check and the time to first byte is 160 ms which is industry's best time.

One should consider that the tests are conducted without any caching plugins (using so will reduce firstbyte time further)

#3 TMDHosting Response time

Sucuri test is carried out to find the average response time across the globe. I checked the demo site, and the results are good, got A+ grade (maximum)

When using SSD based drives, one can get such results and yes, TMDHosting servers are powered by SSD drives ( Check it out )

TMDHosting provides SSD Hosting which performs 20X read-write operations thus helping your site to load faster than ever. Though they offer SSD Hosting, the price they offer is still lower compared with big hosting companies.

These results are obtained using Shared hosting package and there is an cloud hosting option which costs few bucks higher than shared hosting account but offering 2X powerful and 4X speed hosting.

Shared Hosting costs $2.85/month while Cloud Hosting costs $5.85/month.

I'm constantly adding new test tools to predict further accurate results to this TMDHosting review and it will added in upcoming days.

Great insights of #TMDHosting with historical uptime, response time and TTFB values.

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#6 Customer Support

I believe that by looking at the customer support of a company, one can decide the value of the brand. TMDHosting provides dedicated support for everything, yes everything.

Once if you got an account, you can ask them for WordPress or any CMS installation, Plugin installation, even a theme installation or feared of upgrading your website to a new version, TMDHosting is there to solve all your queries.

They call it TMD Genius Support.

In October month, they handled over 18419 + live chats, 90201+ tickets solved and what do you think about the average response time? Between 15 – 20 minutes?

No. It's 9 min average response time. You can look at how keen they are working to solve customer issues.

To confirm further, I raised a ticket, and they replied in 11 minutes to my query, and I'm satisfied with it.

Apart from that, I found that they are helping website owners to identify and remove malware from their sites. I think this an deal breaker since many top hosting companies ask hundreds of dollars to do such kinds of stuff and TMDHosting is offering it free for their customers.

This is what I consider best for TMDHosting in this TMDHosting Review.

#6 Seven data center locations

While writing this TMDHosting review post, they had wide spread data centers over seven locations in three continents. So, Hosting your site for any part of your target visitors is not an issue. The data center possesses excellent infrastructure with better hardware and backup solutions.

TMD Hosting Datacenter presents in

  1. Chicago, US
  2. Phoenix, US
  3. London, UK
  4. Amsterdam, NL
  5. Singapore, SG
  6. Sydney, AU
  7. Tokyo, JP

Even you can find which data center provided shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting through this picture.


Exclusive Discount

50% + 5% OFF

When clicking this link, you will be assigned 50% off automatically and during checkout enter coupon code GREEN to get additional 5% OFF on final price.

#10 Quick Facts

  • Same renewal price : Package starts from $2.85/month
  • Free domain name forever : no additional pricing
  • Free daily backups : TMDHosting tied up with Jetbackup, an cpanel backup service usually costs $9/month for a single domain.
  • Free site transfer with no limitations
  • WildCard SSL : For free of cost ( costs $70/year)
  • Two payments mode: Credit card and PayPal
  • Seven data center locations : US, UK and Asia pacific


Right from day 1, you will enjoy their service and if in case, you're planning to cancel the account, they are offering 60 days money back guarantee.

HostingStep Verdict

Do we recommend? Yes for sure.

You might learn from above data, TMDHosting offering better performance, good uptime and impressive features and the best thing the same renewal price.

It will not take a minute to get an account on their servers, and you can deploy your site with 60 days money back guarantee. Being looking for some EIG Hosting, you can test TMDHosting for a while, and I hope you won't disappointed.

I hope this TMDHosting review holds you to get an account on the fastest shared hosting account at TMDHosting.


SiteGround Reviews 2019

SiteGround has been in the industry for more than a decade, and I must say, they are hated by few, loved by millions. I never heard of any hard, brutal negative reviews about them and so I decide them to test and here comes our SiteGround Review.

SiteGround Reviews 2019

#1 Best Uptime in Industry (99.99%)

The title says it all. None of the companies achieved this uptime rate and SiteGround truly needs an applause here. Check the uptime of SiteGround from August 2016 to till date.

Check uptime for past 12 months ( Click to expand )

We keep monitoring demo sites for every 60 seconds to check for downtime and the results are absolutely stunning.

Here's the uptime copy of 2018 till now

#2 Response Time (344ms)

Another gold from SiteGround. If you closely look into the graph, you can see the loading time is consistent throughout the year (the graph is for 10 months)

Just roll back and view the response time for 2018 and really SiteGround is the #1 hosting company providing quality hosting par ahead of other companies.

SiteGround Speed ( Last 15 months)

Stunning right? The response time is constant between 300-400ms for the past 15+ months. I would be happy if you help me to find another hosting company that offer such an impressive speed and uptime for just $3.95/month.

#3 SiteGround Support ( 10/10)

Really, I just thought to write the above title alone leaving (10/10) because I bet you can never experience such a customer support with any other hosting company.

The customer support team is well trained on all aspects particularly towards open source softwares like WordPress etc. 

Do you think, I'm over hyping?

Just get through official website and connect with live chat. I bet you'll get connected to a representative in seconds. Just try it, yes do it now.

What else do you need?

SiteGround got awesome uptime, speed and customer support. what else do you expect from a web hosting company?

Great insights of #SiteGround hosting with historical uptime, response time and TTFB values.
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#4 Datacenter Locations

SiteGround has five datacenter locations across US,Europe and Asia. So hosting your site for any part of the world is not a problem. Here comes the locations

1. Chicago, US

2. London, UK

3. Amsterdam, NL

4. Milan, Italy

5. Singapore, Asia.

#5 Technology innovation

Do you know what's the best thing about SiteGround. All the websites hosted on their servers are placed in Linux containers (LXC).

Linux containers are known for the resource efficient, highly elastic and greater stability during unexpected traffic spikes. You know SiteGround is the only company offers hosting on LXC containers for just $3.95/month.

1. SSD Hosting: All the files, databases stored in the most reliable SSD drives

2. Ngnix: They operate much faster than Apache which usually specializes in loading static contents faster.

3. SuperCacher: The consistent uptime of the servers are due to this plugin which was developed exclusively for SiteGround customers comes with numerous caching layers.

4. HHVM : Only few companies on the planet offer this technology.

5. PHP 7 for faster loading time of the websites.

#6 Proactive Server Monitoring

SiteGround is really proud of their inhouse DevOps team. Most of the issues will be solved even before the occurrence, that's what the company calls Proactive monitoring.

#7 Free Daily and Weekly Backups

SiteGround offers free daily and weekly backups based on the plans you choose. They built their own backup system for faster restoration of websites.

#8 Secure Account Isolation

SiteGround was the first company to offer the feature back in 2008. The common problem with shared hosting, if one site gets used with more resources, other sites in the same IP gets affected. To solve this, account isolation is founded.

Though the features is common now, I mention it just to tell you, the company is always finding an innovation for hassle free hosting experience. 

#9 Free Email Hosting

You can get access to Email hosting through cPanel. Since only fewer sites gets hosted on each IP, most of the mails directly inbox before going to Spam. (If more sites are hosted on single IP, the probability of your emails reaching spam folder is high)

#10 Free CDN

The hosting comes with free CloudFare CDN account which gives you access to faster loading sites for global visitors.

The thing I need to share here is even though Cloudfare offers free CDN, the setup is somewhat difficult for beginners. SiteGround solves the issue with one-click Cloudfare CDN setup inside the account dashboard.

 SiteGround History

Tenko Nikolov is the mastermind behind SiteGround, and as per my knowledge, it was started around 2004, and one of the renowned hosting companies not acquired by big players (Life is good)

While most companies don’t show the CEO and their team details to the public, SiteGround is transparent, and they are keen to show the faces of their team to the world.

Even a new support assistant gets introduced to customers through social media sites, and it gives me an trust to host my websites with them.

If someone asks me to describe them in a single word, I say "Professional." I can feel the professionalism everywhere be it welcome mail they send during signup, monthly newsletter or Facebook updates about their work culture etc, you can feel the professionalism in their business.

#2 Demo Site Details

As per my testing parameter, I bought a hosting package and installed a demo site on their servers and started monitoring their services.

  • Site URL –
  • SG indicates SiteGround
  • Domain and Hosting registered on Aug 2016.

Sign up process is simple. Only 3 screens to get started. No more up sells, simple to signup. Customer UI and Cpanel images below. The Cpanel might look similar with most hosting provider and the highlighted part is exclusive to SiteGround users. 

#3 SiteGround Plans & Pricing

Apart from Shared hosting plan, SiteGround offer managed Cloud VPS and dedicated hosting for its customers (learn more).

#9 Quick Facts

  • Free domain name for first year: no additional pricing
  • Free daily backups : For all shared hosting plans.
  • WordPress and 150 open source installation with absolutely zero cost
  • Payments mode: Credit card
  • Five datacenter locations : US, UK and Asia pacific

HostingStep Verdict

SiteGround managed to get a brand name since its inception. If you're looking for a hassle free web hosting, you should definitely try SiteGround.


A2 Hosting India Reviews 2019

If you check A2 Hosting official website, all they talk about is speed. They work on providing the fastest web hosting and I was so curious to test them.

Does A2 Hosting offers fast loading sites? check out this A2 Hosting India Reviews.

A2 Hosting India Review

#1 ​Best​​​​ Response Time - 172ms

The fast, faster, and fastest web hosting I ever tested.

Right from the ​beginning, when I started testing A2 Hosting with the help of demo site, ​the response time is always ahead of ​competitors.

Just check the historical Response time and it's just incredible.

Historical A2 Hosting Response Data

Website hosted on US datacenter, so fast loading sites at nearer US locations and takes few more milliseconds to load from other parts of the world.

Eager to know how A2 Hosting gets such speed? All credits goes to A2 Optimized WordPress installation. 

You would think that such performance is only limited to dedicated or VPS hosting. Amazingly, even their low-priced shared hosting packages are just as fast.

Based on our hosting reviews, only few host comes close to that value, and we are proud to say A2 Hosting provides the fast loading WordPress websites.

My demo site is not optimized for Turbo servers (they act 20X faster than normal), I can't imagine the site loading speed at turbo servers. However, I have decided to test A2 Hosting turbo servers in future.  

#2 A2 Uptime - 99.98% (Finest)

One of the reasons for their surge of popularity is their incredible uptime. You should not believe a company that tells you they can deliver 100% uptime. So I decided to check their uptime and launched a demo site on a2 hosting servers and started our test.

I kept monitoring demo sites for every 60 seconds ​and to build more trust to our reviews, you can check historical ​data using this link.

Check A2 Hosting uptime for past 12 months ( Click to expand )

The results are incredible and on a 12 months average, A2 Hosting delivered 99.98% uptime which is more or less equal to the 99.99%

Coming to the latest reports, A2 Hosting scored 100% in uptime for the two completed months in 2018.

#3 Customer support

I never seen A2 hosting customer support executive hurry in closing a ticket either via ticket or chat. They are polite to solve the issue and sometimes if their support queue is full, they inform me like

"I'm currently handling multiple customers via chat. Your patience is much appreciated. Thank you."

I get connected to chat support within 10-15 seconds round the clock. Their support people are the native US based, and A2 hosting is not outsourcing it.

All their support come with 24/7/365 tech support. They can be reached by phone, email, or chat. Their excellent customer support has even earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (Check other awards ).

Great insights of #A2Hosting with historical uptime, response time and TTFB values.

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#4 Localized Payment Gateways

Apart from the above features, I consider localized payment is a great thing with A2 Hosting. The problem with developing countries like Brazil,Argentina, India and few more to say, the credit card penetration is low and PayPal has limitation across those countries.

Since most good companies allows only payment through Credit card and PayPal, people end up buying hosting from local tier2 hosting companies where the service will be poor.

With A2 Hosting, visitors from India, Brazil can use their widely popular debit cards to get hosting accounts with A2 Hosting which is in my point of view lot of people will be benefited.

#5 Three Datacenter Locations

Though A2 Hosting don't have a variety of data centers like FastComet, they offer service from three locations covering three continent US,Europe and Asia.

  • USA - Michigan
  • Europe - Amsterdam
  • Asia - Singapore
  • A2 Hosting Datacenters

    #6 Anytime Money Back Guarantee

    A2 Hosting offers two ways refund system. If you can cancel your account within first 30 days you'll get a full refund and if you still wish to cancel the hosting plan, you'll get prorated refund amount.

    Cool right?

    Though it won't happen (cancelling of account) since A2 Hosting is the one of the few companies to offers best uptime and speed, you won't get a reason to leave them.

    #7 Technology Investments

    Since its inception in 2003, A2 Hosting is the developer friendly company who comes first to introduce latest versions of PHP, SSD to its servers.

    Turbo servers which offers even more faster loading time and the performance plus option which is keep site live during traffic spike.

    WordPress exclusive features.

    Apart from it, A2 Hosting have the latest technologies like HTTP/2, Anycast DNS, Railgun, Free SSL etc.

    #8 Free Site Transfer

    A2 Hosting free site transfer with zero downtime. Most transfers takes less than 24 hours, however if your site is bigger, it takes upto 48 hours.

    #9 Discounts

    Get 51% OFF

    A2 Hosting offers 51% OFF for first billng cycle, so to get maximum benefits signup with 36 months.

     A2 Hosting History

    A2 Hosting company started in 2003. Since then, they set out to be a developer-friendly web hosting company. They are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but they have servers all over the world. In fact, they named their company after their town.

    In line with their goal of providing developer friendly hosting, they made sure that their servers support the most used programming languages and database management systems. As early as 2005, they were already supporting PHP 5. They started supporting MySQL 5 in 2006.

    As early as 2013, the A2 server was already using SSD servers. These SSD servers are part of the reason why they offer some of the fastest hosting services in the market.

    In 2014, they optimized all their servers to make them faster when using WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. In 2015, they started hosting from Amsterdam and Singapore data centers for international clients.

    Aside from delivering fast and reliable hosting service, the company advocates green energy use. They partnered with environmental companies to make sure that their company practices to minimize their carbon footprint.

    By looking at this history, how can I stop writing a2hosting India review for my visitors ?

    Sign up process is simple. There are three screens to get started. A2 Hosting is the only hosting with multiple payment gateways. You can't complain about not having a credit card to get hosting since A2 hosting accepts debit cards, skrill and direct bank transfer as alternate methods for getting an account with them.

    #3 A2 Hosting India Pricing & Plans 

    Apart from Shared hosting plan, A2 Hosting India offer different types of hosting including Cloud VPS, reseller hosting, managed VPS and dedicated hosting for its customer at some seriously stunning pricing (learn more).

    Quick Facts

    • Shared hosting : Package starts from $3.92/month
    • Free daily backups : no extra cost
    • Free site transfer with no limitations
    • WordPress and 150 open source installation with absolutely zero cost
    • Multiple payments mode: Credit card and PayPal, CCavenue (India) , PayULatam ( Brazil )
    • Three data center locations : US, UK and Asia pacific

    HostingStep Verdict

    Overall, A2 Hosting India provides a solid hosting service. They are up there with the best when it comes to load speed and storage offers. The hardware that they use is compatible with the needs of modern developers and website owners.

    They trust their service so much that they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee for clients who are dissatisfied with their service and I should mention that they set the standards for all hosting companies in the market.

    I hope you enjoyed this A2 Hosting India Review from Hostingstep.


    FastComet Reviews 2019

    If you're planning to start a hosting company and looking to capture a big market share, what should you do?

    ​You​ should offer ​every features and latest technologies with no upsells and ​deliberately offer something ​​​which visitors ​can't refuse to accept.

    FastComet did the same. They clearly understand the market needs and they're offering something special which you can't refuse.

    Let's check this FastComet Reviews and find what's the special thing.

    FastComet Reviews 2019

    ​Let's check what are the positives followed by drawbacks of this hosting company.

    ​FastComet Pros

    #1 FastComet Uptime - 99.97%

    As a part of our review, I bought an hosting account with FastComet like an customer and installed a WordPress site on their servers. Then I started monitoring uptime and response time every second, so that I can analyze the server performance.

    Now, you can checkout the historical uptime data of our site hosted on FastComet below.

    Historical FastComet Uptime

    FastComet uptime ranks #3 in our companies list only next to SiteGround (99.99%) and A2 Hosting (99.98%). 

    #2 Good Response Time - 435ms

    ​Historical FastComet Response Time

    If you look into the table, FastComet response time were between 400-500ms mostly. However, recently the response time was getting lowered resulting in much more fast loading sites.

    Currently, FastComet ranks #3 in our top web hosting list and if these trend continues (less than 300ms response time) FastComet will surely reach #1 in our list.

    #3 Good Customer Support (5/5)

    ​I can write a separate post about FastComet customer support but I would like to keep them short for this FastComet Reviews.

    FastComet offers 24/7/365 customer support through live chat, phone and through tickets.

    If you're choosing a web hosting, then you should definitely look for response time of customer support ticket and chat.

    Tickets are the major way to solve your issues with FastComet and honestly, most of the times, I get an reply in less than 10 minutes.


    ​FastComet customer support people are ​knowledgeable techies having ​trained on most open source applications​ ​and I don't find any major complaints with them.

    Great insights of #FastComet hosting with historical uptime, response time and TTFB values.

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    #4 Free Domain Name Forever

    Remember, I told there is something FastComet offers which you can't refuse to accept?

    Yes, you heard it right. None of the company so far have such an incredible offer. There are 10+ domain extension which includes .COM .ORG .NET  and country specific domain extensions ​which you can grab for absolute free of cost.

    Suppose you're getting an hosting account for $2.95/month, then you'll get a free domain name for lifetime.

    How this works?

    You can register a new domain name for free and they will keep on renewing it for you as long as you keep an active hosting account with them.

    This is one hell of a offer you can get, just remember renewals ​for .COM alone costs $13.95 per year.

    #5 Same Renewal Price 

    No marketing Gimmicks. Pay $2.95/month for a plan and continue paying the same $2.95/month for lifetime. It won't increase to $9.95/month during renewals. How good it is when comes to savings?

    That's what I told in the homepage of this site, "Love saving money more than anything? FastComet is the hosting you're looking for"

    99.97% Uptime + less than 500 ms loading time + free domain name + same renewal price + 24/7/365 customer support. Do you need anything else from a hosting company?

    #6 45 days money back guarantee 

    FastComet offers 45 days money back guarantee on all hosting plans and you will get a full refund.

    #7 ​Eight Datacenter locations (Most by Any)

    You can be at any part of the world, FastComet offers you the best hosting experience and they have the most datacenter locations compared to other hosting companies. So I rate them 10/10

    #8 Free Site Transfer

    You can get free site transfer for all type of hosting plans be it Shared, VPS or dedicated hosting. I transferred one of my site in less than 8 hours, however if you have big websites it may take upto 24-48 hours.

    If I'm not wrong, companies like BlueHost charges $149 for site transfer.

    #9 Free Email Hosting

    It's becoming a trend, hosting companies stopped offering free email hosting. FastComet still offers Email hosting through cPanel.

    The basic plan gets an 250MB mailbox size while the premium plan comes with 1GB Mailbox size.

    #10 Bunch of Security Addon for Free.

    I should really congratulate FastComet for partnering with multiple companies to offer secured hosting solution for such a nominal cost.

    1. Let's Encrypt Free SSL : Most companies offer the same, so there is no special about it.

    2. Free Globalsign SSL : I can see ​Globalsign charges $249/year since it offers premium SSL solution but it comes free of cost along with FastComet on selected hosting plans.

    3. SpamExperts: All the incoming and outgoing emails are filtered by SpamExperts, the leaders in email solutions. So most of the spam emails gets filtered even before reaching your inbox.

    4. BitNinja: Its an all in one security suite to defend our websites which costs $10/month basically but with this company, you can get this for free, ofcourse.

    5. JetBackUp: The company takes care of cPanel based backup solutions. While the cPanel's default backup solutions is not so reliable, the company integrated JetBackup which usually costs $3.95/per site on monthly basis.

    Apart from it, there are few more premium tools added into their servers, but I think its enough to tell you how well they are an customer friendly company.

    ​FastComet Cons

    ​1. Limited Resource on Starter Plans

    ​These are some of the global practices followed in hosting industry and not particular to FastComet.

    ​I think the users needs to understand the basic package comes with limited resources, so once if the site is getting good traffic, you'll get resource limit if you continue in the same package.

    ​I always suggest people to go with middle level or higher level hosting plans, so that they can enjoy better hosting experience.

    2. Setup fee for Monthly Billing

    If you're planning to have monthly billing, you need to pay a one time setup fee of $19.95 during first billing.

    No such charges are implied on second month billing or yearly billing.

    FastComet Pricing & Plans 

    ​Apart from Shared hosting plan, FastComet offers different types of hosting including managed Cloud VPS and dedicated hosting for its customer at some seriously stunning pricing (learn more).

    Reasons to Buy FastComet

    • check
      Good Customer support
    • check
      Better Uptime
    • check
      Best Response Time
    • check
      ​Eight Datacenter locations
    • check
      Integrated premium services for free
    • check
      Free daily and weekly backups

    HostingStep Verdict

    I'm absolute stunned and impressed with their business model. They built hosting package covering up the entire thing right from fast loading servers to awesome customer support, all bundled together with competitive pricing (infact same renewal price forever).

    So I recommend them for Hostingstep visitors and please share your reviews on comments.