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InterServer Reviews – How Good Compared to Competitors?

​Interserver was one of the oldest web hosting founded back in 1999 and they're in hosting business for more than 18 years and at Hostingstep, I was curious to test them for our visitors who're looking for the perfect Interserver reviews.

​Interserver Reviews

​Let's go straight into the pros and cons of Interserver, I found after hosting our demo site on their servers.

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Liquid Web Reviews (Aug. 2018): #1 Recommended VPS

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This Liquid Web Reviews was my first VPS hosting reviews getting published at Hostingstep and as usual, I tested Liquid Web and captured the uptime, response time, customer support and much more interesting facts about the company.

Liquid Web Reviews

This is how Liquid Web dashboard looks like and let's go deep into Liquid Web Reviews on VPS Hosting.

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StableHost Reviews (2018) – Good Uptime / Avg. Response Time

StableHost is an enticing web hosting service provider that can help you get the most out of your site. The service is effective at helping people to find ways to get the content they have online and available. 

But while StableHost is an efficient option for your hosting needs, there are a few concerns that deserve to be explored just as well. This still makes for an intriguing option you can use for keeping your content in check. Let's go deep into Stablehost reviews.

StableHost Reviews

Pros of StableHost

1. Great Uptime (99.99%)

You’ve got to find a host that is up as much as possible if you want your work to be visible. The 99.99% uptime rate that StableHost offers says everything you need to know about the service. You can be assured that your site will stay online when needed. 

StableHost Historical Uptime

Our tool recorded a 1hr 30min downtime on Dec 24, 2017. Apart from it, there are no downtimes, so I'm pretty much happy about their uptime.

2. Average Response Time (1067 ms)

The measured speed of StableHost’s sites is on average par when compared with hosting companies like A2 Hosting (Avg. 172ms) and SiteGround (Avg. 344ms). The speed is not so great but still it gets loaded around 1second which is better considering some top hosting companies take more than 2seconds to load on an average.

StableHost Historical Response Time

The 36G of RAM used by StableHost helps to keep things moving quickly and effortlessly. The unlimited bandwidth* offered especially ensures your site will stay fast no matter how many people get on it. Also StableHost is transparent with its resource graph where few companies tends to hide the resource graph.

* Usual shared hosting limitations are implied.

3. Customer Support (4/5)

StableHost has an average response time for its customer queries of about 30 minutes ( TMDHosting average customer response time is 9 minutes). This is also on par with what you’d find on the market.

The great news is that the customer service team is available 24 hours a day to help with through any problems you’ve got. Just contact StableHost through their phone number and you can get the assistance you need. The ticketing system is also detailed and helps you get the information you want right away.

You have the option to use the knowledge base or video tutorials on the site too. StableHost has detailed listings for how to use its service and how to get the most out of your hosting experience.

I'll update this stablehost reviews once again, if any updates happens in customer support department.

4. Cluster Technology 

StableHost is proud of their Cluster Technology and I'm happy to include in stablehost reviews.

The cluster technology system used by StableHost is a special feature for you to check out. Cluster technology is unique to StableHost. Clustered hosting works with more than a hundred enterprise level SSD drives. These link to each other and will replicate all the files that are stored on a system.

When you add or alter something on your site, the content moves to the best server that is available at the moment. Your content is then moved to another drive if there is some issue on the first drive your content is on. Any failed links will also be moved to a new node in less than 60 seconds, thus ensuring your content is available at all times.

The loads run by StableHost are perfectly balanced while ensuring your content is accessible at all times. This makes for a setup that works close to twice as fast as what you’d get from other sites. Best of all it works without worrying about your content being lost or struggling to work as well as it should.

5. Data Center Locations

While writing this StableHost reviews, the company has data center locations in 

  1. Chicago, 
  2. Phoenix,
  3. Amsterdam and
  4. Singapore. 

You can go to the StableHost website to test all of these locations to see how well they are working. You can review how a sample WordPress site loads up from any of these locations.

Each data center is carefully staffed and secured to ensure that your content is readily accessible and that it will be read well enough no matter where you might be based out of.

6. Free Site Transfer

Don’t worry if you have an old website that you need to transfer. You can get any old site you have moved over to StableHost as quickly as possible. This ensures your content can be made available quickly and without delay or any problems you might come across in any situation.

If you’ve got PHP 5.3.x or later then you can move your old content onto StableHost. The same goes for MySQL and MariaDB functions plus Perl 5.8.8. Don’t forget the free Perl module installation offered by StableHost.

7. DDOS Protection

While most companies fails to offer DDOS protection on shared servers, Stablehost does it.

DDOS protection is vital for keeping your content secured. You will not be at risk of any denial of service attacks thanks to the strong security functions StableHost uses. These work without causing your site to slow down. The high-capacity network also ensures that it will take in your content and use it accordingly to keep your data protected well enough.

StableHost works at a rate of 2Gbit/s to help with identifying content and with making it accessible. This assists you with keeping your content protected while being read quickly and without any problems.

8. Free Email Hosting

Have you ever wanted to get your email addresses prepared with your own custom URL? You can do this with StableHost thanks to the free email hosting service the group offers. You can use the same control panel offered by StableHost to manage your email access points and to manage accounts as you see fit. This offers a simple approach to handling your emails that is worth looking into.

Platinum service members can also use the spam filtering program offered by SpamExperts. This identifies spam messages and keeps them from moving onto your computer, thus ensuring your data is not going to be exposed or otherwise far too easy for people to access and use in some manner.​

9.Free Backups

Keeping the content on your site backed up and secured it vital to having to work well and stay online. StableHost offers free backups of all your content so you can keep your data protected and less likely to be disrupted or impacted in some way.

You need these backups to ensure that your data is secured and will not be lost in any situation. The fact that you can get one of these free backups triggered automatically will help you keep your content moving well.

10.CDN/SSD/SSL Support

The multiple SSD setups used by StableHost help to move your data to the fastest possible sources as necessary.

The CDN and SSL options also help you to load your content on the fastest servers available while using secure layering protection to keep anyone’s private data secure. This allows you to get an https address so your data is secured while visitors can trust your work in general.

Cons of StableHost

1. Customer Support Only Through Tickets

Although you can get in touch with people through the phone or email for customer assistance, you have to get a ticket out first. This means you might have to wait a bit for a response to your ticket. The process is managed quickly by StableHost with a minimal waiting time though. You would still have to wait a bit just to get your answer ready in any situation you have.

SiteGround, A2 Hosting offers customer support through live chat, that mean, your queries will be solved in seconds rather than sending and waiting for tickets which usually takes 30mins with StableHost.

2. Fewer Resources

StableHost does not have as many resources as what Siteground or FastComet has to offer. It does not use as many data centers or storage nodes. You can only get up to single full CPU cores and 50 MySQL connections at a time too. You would have to pay extra for the Platinum package to get access to those features too.

FastComet offers upto 6 CPU cores and 6GB RAM based on plans.

A maximum of 2 CPU cores available with StableHost.

3.SpamExperts Costs Extra

Although the SpamExperts system is appealing, it only works on the Platinum plan. You would have to spend $29.95 per month for this plan. That is more than three times what you would spend for the second-best service package StableHost offers.

4. No Free SSH Access

While most hosting companies I tested offers free SSH access since its becoming essential to install few forum softwares but StableHost charges $2.50 to activate.


StableHost is an option to take a look at when you are aiming to get the most out of your web hosting needs. StableHost has a unique cluster technology system that gives you more control over how your content is being managed. 

If you're not happy with our top recommendations, you can go with StableHost.

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WP Engine Reviews (2018) – Best (100% Uptime + 140ms Speed)

I welcome WP Engine, the first managed WordPress hosting company to be tested at Hostingstep. Like all reviews, this WP Engine reviews never compromises or biased, the reviews are exactly based on the transparent data we started monitoring a few months back.

About WP Engine

WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting sites around the world. The company claims to offer amazing support,enterprise-class, & optimized WordPress hosting solutions.

Let's see whether WP Engine impressed me or not.

WP Engine Reviews 2018

Pros of WP Engine

#1 100% Amazing uptime

I never enjoyed 100% uptime with most companies. But WP Engine, right from the beginning gets 100% uptime. Nothing more to write here, you can verify the image to verify the data.

#2 Impressive 140ms response time without CDN

The most amazing thing about WP Engine is response time. The site took 140ms average for a month which is way faster than all the companies we tested so far.

Other companies which got similar response time are LiquidWeb 170ms and A2 Hosting 172ms.

#3 Real 24×7 customer support

Since this is our first attempt at WP Engine, the dashboard looked completely new and I'm really noob here. But the customer support is good & knowledgeable and they answered all my queries. Since WP Engine is WordPress exclusive, they are trained well on all the core pieces of stuff and you don't need an outsider to solve your issues.

#4 Global WordPress Hosting Network

WP Engine has data centers on four continents across the globe which is powered by CDN with vast locations covering 136 countries which is huge considering the fact a decent CDN starter plan itself costs $20/month.

One of the cons, the CDN is not available for the entry-level plan, I mean I need to pay extra to use CDN service. But expect starter plans, all the other plans come with free CDN access.

What I wondered is, Hostingstep demo site took 140ms to load without CDN. I wonder what would be loading time when CDN is used? I bet it will be fastest WordPress hosting on the market.

#5 Continuous innovation

Please don't expect this features in cPanel based hosting company. WP Engine developed three tools named Page performance, application performance and content performance.

Page performance helps to solve performance issues related to the particular page. It displays each pages load time and you can find which one is slow loading. WP Engine experts helps you with better optimization solutions.

This is how a random data looks like

Likewise, you can learn more about Content & application performance here.

#6 EverCache – WP Engine exclusive caching mechanism

WP Engine claims, EverCache is one of the secret sauce which helps them to deliver web pages 40-60% faster than sites hosted on non- WP Engine servers.

Evercache is completed into their WordPress infrastructure thus the caching is done immediately whenever there is a need. Apart from it, if your sites special caching rules, you can always do it, with the help of customer support.

#7 Free automated migrations

Manual site migrations? WTH.? Welcome to WP Engine free automated migrations. Follow the simple steps or contact the live chat behind you. WP Engine does automatic site transfer with zero downtime.

#8 Free SSL Certificates

It's 2017 and still, companies like HostGator charges money for SSL certificates. You can start your site on WP Engine with the one-click option to enable it.

WP Engine SSL is powered by Let's Encrypt.

#8 60 days money back guarantee

I think no other managed hosting company offers such a long 60 days guarantee. You got more times to test their servers and sure, you will be impressed like me.

Cons of WP Engine

Learn about WP Engine cons at Hostinstep WP Engine Reviews.

#1 Restrictions to plugins

WP Engine restricts usage of plugins which took huge resources. WP Engine claims such plugins affect other user's sites in their hosting environment.

Though it looks like cons, actually its good. Why your site should suffer for someone's wrong move?

#2 No Email Hosting

Like most managed hosting companies, WP Engine doesn't allow email hosting on their servers. You need to choose alternate services like GSuite or Microsoft 365.


WP Engine is truly an incredible hosting solution to host your WordPress websites. If you came here to learn about WP Engine, I'm sure you will be getting an account now with 20% OFF

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GreenGeeks Reviews (2018) – Best Uptime & Performance

Get an account with GreenGeeks, #1 Green Energy web hosting, package starts from $3.95/month Claim Now!
Review Summary

Product Name:

Product Type:

Web Hosting




GreenGeeks is the #1 green energy web hosting and we are quite impressed with their results during our testing phase.


One thing I love about GreenGeeks! They are

#1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider in the world.

Making a business successful without impacting our mother nature is not an easy task. We at Hostingstep are happy with GreeenGeeks, being an environment-friendly web hosting company since its inception.

Okay. Whether a customer blindly gets an account with GreenGeeks since they are an environment-friendly web hosting company?

A big No.

That's why we took the step to do GreenGeeks reviews and find whether they are modern enough to offer the best web hosting for its customers?

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WebHostFace Reviews – Does Hostingstep Recommends it?

Do Hostingstep recommend them ? Check out our WebHostingFace Reviews with performance based reports

When WebHostFace was lanuched back in August 15th 2013, its not a new comer to the hosting industry. The company CEO Valentin Sharlanov have been working at SiteGround from 2008 to till date before founding WebHostFace.

The years of experience and the motive to provide better services than others, WebHostFace has been favorite hosting for many people, as I can see them providing positive feedback, which leads to test their servers and yeah

The WebHostFace Reviews goes live at Hostingstep.​

Disclaimer: I need to tell you that I was affiliated with some products mentioned here and I will receive a commission whenever someone purchases a product and you won’t be charged any extra amount.

WebHostFace Reviews

#1 Company History

As we discussed a lot in introduction regarding the birth of WebHostFace, 2017 been there fourth year in hosting industry and their greatest strength is the plans and pricing.

​I had a formal chat with CEO Valentin Sharlanov and he actually replied to all my questions and I was really excited to test their servers.

WebHostFace office is located at Delaware,USA and few other offices in Europe.

#2 Demo Site Details

As per my testing parameter, I bought a hosting package and installed a demo site on their servers and started monitoring their services.

  • Site URL –
  • WHF indicates WebHostFace
  • Domain and Hosting registered on Dec 2016.

Sign up process is simple at one page

#3 Hosting Plans 

Hosting Plan


Disk Space



Face Standard

R1Soft Daily Backup , Free SSL, McAfee security for websites, host one website




Face Extra

Host Unlimited websites and all above things




Face Ultima

All above features + Free premium support



$9.95 /month

#4 Features

General Features

  • SSD Web Space
  • 1 Click installer
  • Free website transfer
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Customer support 

Technical Features

  • All files and MySQL files on SSD
  • Free CDN
  • McAfee security to ensure trust from visitors.
  • DDOS Mitigation


  • Free Private SSL 
  • Free daily backups
  • Free Website transfer

#5 Historical Analysis

#1 Historical Uptime

We keep monitoring demo sites for every 60 seconds to check for downtime. To build more trust to our reviews, you can check historical uptime data for upto two years using this link.

Check WebHostFace uptime for past 7 months ( Click to expand )

We talked to customer support regarding the downtime issues and noticed there are only few downtimes and uptime robot shows false reports and I double checked it.

Now, we are monitoring the server with another uptime monitoring tool and I will come up with more accurate​

#2 Historical First Time to Byte

Based on our testing methodology, I tested the WebHostFace demo site on byte check and the time to first byte is 355ms which is good at least average.

One should consider that the tests are conducted without any caching plugins (using so will reduce first byte time further)

#3 Historical Response time

Again, we checked the site for loading time across the globe and I'm impressed with the results considering the downtime of the servers.


The response time is similar to one with SiteGround and its good considering the datacenter is located in USA. I hope WebHostFace will continue to improve the uptime to grab more customers.

Great insights of #WebHostFace hosting with historical uptime, response time and TTFB values.

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#6 Customer Support

WebHostFace has some really good support staff. Unlike some hosting companies, WebHostFace offers technical support both via chat and tickets.

However, ticket support are more accurate in solving the ticket though takes some time to solve.

#7 Cancellation & Refunds


WebHostFace comes with 30 days money back guarantee

#8 Pros and Cons Explained

For those who hate reading reviews ( though we made it short & crisp ) , check out the stuffs which are good and bad with WebHostFace

#9 Quick Facts

  • Package starts from $3.45/month
  • Free domain name : for first year
  • Free backups : The free backups upto 30 days( varies as per plan)
  • Free site transfer
  • WordPress and 150 open source installation with absolutely zero cost
  • Multiple payments mode: Credit card, PayPal and nearly 20 other payment methods
  • Three data center locations : US, UK and Asia pacific

HostingStep Verdict

Hostingstep will consistently monitor the uptime for the next 12 months and if they improve the service, I would recommend them for sure.

As an alternative you can check A2Hosting and SiteGround that offers great uptime with fast loading websites.

Please check this WebHostFace Reviews after few months to check for updated results.

InMotion Hosting Reviews (2018) – Better Than BlueHost ? recommended hosting for US based business, package starts from $5.99/month Claim Now!

The premier hosting company with 10+ years of experience is none other than Inmotion Hosting. Unlike HostGator, I never found any brutal negative reviews about Inmotion Hosting. I can hear a lot of word of mouth appreciation from my colleagues, So I planned to test and include them in this hosting reviews.

As usual, I got a hosting account on the Business aka shared hosting package and installed our demo site to test the uptime, response time and other factors.

Once you start hosting your websites with them, surely you can feel the experience of 10+ years playing over there.

I have lot of things to share about them in this InMotion Hosting review, and I know you're excited a lot.

InMotion Hosting Review

#1 Company History

They started their business in 2001, yes ahead of many hosting companies. InMotion Hosting headquartered in Los Angeles, California and I can say they provide simple, fast and affordable web hosting solutions for small or mid-size or large business websites. They have two office West Coast office and East Coast office where all the people including support executives work.

You can have a look at their office workspace here.

Enough said it's time to discuss the data like uptime, response time and other things in this InMotion Hosting Review.

#2 Demo Site Details

As per my testing parameter, I bought a hosting package and installed a demo site on their servers and started monitoring their services.

  • Site URL –
  • IMH indicates InMotion Hosting
  • Domain and Hosting registered on Aug 2016.

Sign up process is simple. There are four steps to sign up.

#3 Hosting Plans 

Apart from Shared hosting plan, InMotion Hosting offer managed Cloud VPS and dedicated hosting and reseller hosting for its customers. (learn more).

#4 Features

General Features

  • SSD Web Space
  • 1 Click installer
  • Free website transfer
  • 90 days money back guarantee ( Yes, you read it right )
  • 24/7/365 US based Customer support 

Technical Features

  • All files and MySQL files on SSD
  • Business class Hardware
  • Ideal for developers
  • Guaranteed RAM And CPU cores
  • SSH access
  • SPAM safe Email with IMAP
  • PHP 7 supported


#5 Historical Analysis

#1 Historical Uptime

We keep monitoring demo sites for every 60 seconds to check for downtime. To build more trust to our reviews, you can check historical uptime data for upto two years using this link.

While many Hosting companies won't even care about downtimes, InMotion even sends you mail, announce through their social pages regarding this few seconds downtime which keeps me excited and you can see their commitments for the customers.

In this InMotion Hosting Review , I will update the uptime month over month for the upcoming months.

InMotion Hosting uptime for past 12 months ( Click to expand )

#2 Historical First Time to Byte

Based on our testing methodology, I tested the InMotion hosting demo site on byte check and the time to first byte is 176ms which is industry's best time.

Time to first byte is great simple due to the presence of SSD drives. Here's an small story about InMotion Hosting SSD drives.

#3 Historical Response time

I'm not really happy about the results. If you check  SiteGround or A2Hosting response time, they are way ahead of InMotion Hosting.

The response time is same most of the times and not better when compared to competitors.

Great insights of #InMotion hosting with historical uptime, response time and TTFB values.

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#6 Customer Support

Most Hosting Companies I reviewed only offer sales support via chat, but InMotion Hosting offers both technical and sales support via the chat system, so you don't need to open a ticket whenever you want to contact techies over there.

They offer unparalleled customer friendly support where you will get in touch with a representative in less than a minute.

You can look into the office where InMotion Executives works.


While writing this Inmotion Hosting review, I looked for a solution and contacted their support during non-production time and got a reply within seconds.

#8 Quick Facts

  • Free domain name for first year : no additional pricing save $14.99
  • Free daily backups : daily 24 or 36 hours backups even for basic package.
  • Free site transfer with no downtime
  • WordPress and 400 open source installation with absolutely zero cost
  • Payments mode: Credit card
  • Data center locations : US East and West


Truly industry leading in terms of building a trust to its customers. You can get 90 days money back guarantee with all shared hosting plans. This simply shows how confident they are towards the business model. They are ready to serve you with greatest servers on the planet, are you ready to start your website ?

HostingStep Verdict

The results comes as mixed feeling. The uptime is good but the response time is not something to get proud of. The review has been wrote around 2016 but since then InMotion Hosting improved a lot with inbuilt caching mechanism, Free SSL and much more.

Hostingstep planning to test them again, till then you can check our reviews at


TMDHosting Review (Aug. 2018) – The Hidden Gem in Industry?

TMDHosting was operating from 2007 in Orlando, Flordia with just four employees and now they have grown to near 100+ employees which itself shows the growth of the company and its customers base. 

They looked promising to me and started testing it for my TMDHosting review.

I got a package with them, added a demo site. Started monitoring uptime and response time.I got the results and what is your mind thinking about TMDHosting? Good or Bad?

Let's have a look at our results and learn about them in this TMDHosting Review.

TMDHosting Review

#1 Company History

TMDHosting was started by Peter with couple of his high school friends when graduated from Rollins college in Orlando back in 2007. They never looked back what happened, now they were close to host millions of customers and infact 2017 marks their tenth year in business.

They are quick enough to adapt to latest technologies in their business , they introduced cloud sites in 2015. Their office located in Orlando where data center wide spread over different parts of world and as per the data collected, they are hosting more than 70000 customers in the Q1 2016.

#2 Demo Site Details

As for my testing process and this TMDHosting review, I bought a hosting package and installed a demo site on their servers and started monitoring their services.

  • Site URL –
  • TMD indicates TMDHosting
  • Domain and Hosting registered on Aug 2016.

Sign up process is simple. Only 3 screens to get started. 


#3 Hosting Plans 

Apart from Shared hosting plan, TMDHosting offer managed Cloud hosting, Cloud VPS,reseller and dedicated hosting for its customer at some seriously stunning pricing (learn more). Infact, they offer cheapest pricing compared with other hosting companies in my list.

#4 Features

General Features

  • SSD Web Space
  • 1 Click installer
  • Free website transfer
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 TMD Genius Customer support 
  • Free personal DNS

Technical Features

  • All files and MySQL files on SSD
  • Six layer caching mechanism ( most hosting comes with three layer caching)
  • Free CDN
  • Guaranteed RAM And CPU cores
  • Spam Experts tool powered Email service
  • Inhouse web firewall
  • MemCache Instance


  • Free domain forever (learn more about domain registration)
  • Free WildCard SSL 
  • Free daily backups via JetBackup
  • Free CloudFare CDN account
  • Free application, template and module installation for 100+ open source applications
  • Free Website transfer

#5 Historical Analysis

#1 TMDHosting Uptime

When I started using TMDHosting, I saw some small outages happening regularly and thought of raising a ticket regarding it. But I got an email from them indicating that there are some problems with their current data center location and they are moving my site to another data center facility in Singapore.

I love this indication. What do you feel when you're hosting company voluntarily takes part in solving the issues?


After this mail, I didn't get any outages, and you can check the uptime of the past 30 days below.

Meanwhile, I accidentally got Singapore data center and later moved my website to US data center to find the accurate response time from my tools.

Considering the price (starting price $2.85/month) I can bet, you won't get this much uptime with similar priced hosting companies like ipage.

Check TMDHosting uptime for past 12 months ( Click to expand )

#2 Historical First Time to Byte

Based on our testing methodology, I tested the TMDHosting demo site on byte check and the time to first byte is 160 ms which is industry's best time.

One should consider that the tests are conducted without any caching plugins (using so will reduce firstbyte time further)

#3 TMDHosting Response time

Sucuri test is carried out to find the average response time across the globe. I checked the demo site, and the results are good, got A+ grade (maximum)

When using SSD based drives, one can get such results and yes, TMDHosting servers are powered by SSD drives ( Check it out )

TMDHosting provides SSD Hosting which performs 20X read-write operations thus helping your site to load faster than ever. Though they offer SSD Hosting, the price they offer is still lower compared with big hosting companies.

These results are obtained using Shared hosting package and there is an cloud hosting option which costs few bucks higher than shared hosting account but offering 2X powerful and 4X speed hosting.

Shared Hosting costs $2.85/month while Cloud Hosting costs $5.85/month.

I'm constantly adding new test tools to predict further accurate results to this TMDHosting review and it will added in upcoming days.

Great insights of #TMDHosting with historical uptime, response time and TTFB values.

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#6 Customer Support

I believe that by looking at the customer support of a company, one can decide the value of the brand. TMDHosting provides dedicated support for everything, yes everything.

Once if you got an account, you can ask them for WordPress or any CMS installation, Plugin installation, even a theme installation or feared of upgrading your website to a new version, TMDHosting is there to solve all your queries.

They call it TMD Genius Support.

In October month, they handled over 18419 + live chats, 90201+ tickets solved and what do you think about the average response time? Between 15 – 20 minutes?

No. It's 9 min average response time. You can look at how keen they are working to solve customer issues.

To confirm further, I raised a ticket, and they replied in 11 minutes to my query, and I'm satisfied with it.

Apart from that, I found that they are helping website owners to identify and remove malware from their sites. I think this an deal breaker since many top hosting companies ask hundreds of dollars to do such kinds of stuff and TMDHosting is offering it free for their customers.

This is what I consider best for TMDHosting in this TMDHosting Review.

#6 Seven data center locations

While writing this TMDHosting review post, they had wide spread data centers over seven locations in three continents. So, Hosting your site for any part of your target visitors is not an issue. The data center possesses excellent infrastructure with better hardware and backup solutions.

TMD Hosting Datacenter presents in

  1. Chicago, US
  2. Phoenix, US
  3. London, UK
  4. Amsterdam, NL
  5. Singapore, SG
  6. Sydney, AU
  7. Tokyo, JP

Even you can find which data center provided shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting through this picture.


Exclusive Discount

50% + 5% OFF

When clicking this link, you will be assigned 50% off automatically and during checkout enter coupon code GREEN to get additional 5% OFF on final price.

#10 Quick Facts

  • Same renewal price : Package starts from $2.85/month
  • Free domain name forever : no additional pricing
  • Free daily backups : TMDHosting tied up with Jetbackup, an cpanel backup service usually costs $9/month for a single domain.
  • Free site transfer with no limitations
  • WildCard SSL : For free of cost ( costs $70/year)
  • Two payments mode: Credit card and PayPal
  • Seven data center locations : US, UK and Asia pacific


Right from day 1, you will enjoy their service and if in case, you're planning to cancel the account, they are offering 60 days money back guarantee.

HostingStep Verdict

Do we recommend? Yes for sure.

You might learn from above data, TMDHosting offering better performance, good uptime and impressive features and the best thing the same renewal price.

It will not take a minute to get an account on their servers, and you can deploy your site with 60 days money back guarantee. Being looking for some EIG Hosting, you can test TMDHosting for a while, and I hope you won't disappointed.

I hope this TMDHosting review holds you to get an account on the fastest shared hosting account at TMDHosting.